Of Countries and things

April 29, 2006

I wasn’t far off, according to Wikipedia, there are currently 192 states/countries recognized by the United Nations — its 191 members and the Vatican City

Gotta love the Wiki!

Countries I’ve Been To

April 13, 2006


Later this year I will be adding these to the list

New Zealand

Yes, I know that’s a self indulgence post, I stole the idea from someone else.
I’ve been to more places than him 🙂 But its not many really, since there are about 200* different countries in the world.

*Is that true or did I make it up? Or is it the number of wars that have happened since the end of WW2? I get confused.

Camping it up

April 11, 2006

I picked up a little magazine booklet thingy in a pub a couple of weeks ago.It did say on it that I should buy a “Robinsons fruit shoot” to get it free. In fact, knowing I would be waiting for 25-35 minutes* for my meal, I needed something to look at (and the desk was unattended, so I nicked it.)

So anyway, this booklet, its nice, bright, colourful, and trying to be educational for the kids in the hood. Nice articles designed to get kids out in the open air and being active. If I had a scanner I could share with you delights such as the “Fame Academy” interview, “how to” dance in 3 different ways, BMX** tricks designed to be as easy as possible for total beginners to snap bones and some (not so) magic tricks.

I know! Its enough to drive anyone back indoors and straight to the computer. I however, was still waiting for food so I persevered. When I reached page 15, there it was.

Camp Beaumont.

It took a moment to fully register that I wasn’t seeing things.When I was a kid (about 12 or 13 or so) I was just getting in to computers and owned a VIC-20. In the computer magazines*** of the day were adverts and in one of those adverts were pictures of kids all sitting at Commodore PET computers enjoying a holiday without their parents.

I SO wanted to go there.

Just one problem. Money. You know those times in your life when you really learn something about how the world works? This was one of those times for me. I was all nonchalant, blas� even, when I told my Mum that I would be holidaying at Camp Beaumont next year.

Mum always said “maybe.” Of course, I now know that what she really meant was “No chance, you’ll have a week in Scarborough with the rest of us and enjoy it!!”

They are still going and you can see their website here As you can see the computer holiday is now called Tech Hedz, which is just so “street” and not a PET in sight. Looking at the prices I’m not surprised I wasnt allowed to go. In old money it probably cost the same as a holiday for the whole family.

BTW, The steak was cooked to my liking and can heartily recommend the “2 for a Fiver” voucher that I used to pay for it.

*that’s what the waitress said, considering I wanted a steak, medium rare, that 10 minute margin worried me, that’s like the difference between rare and dryasfuckburnttoacrisp.

** Do the kids in the hood still do BMX? I havent seen on for years.

***Commodore User, Buzz??ZZap??? K magazine and loads of others. Remember Crash? that was a good one, strictly Speccy though, spend 4 hours typing in the BASIC for a lunar lander game then guess what, yeah thats right, it doesnt work.