An important email from the Bank

May 19, 2006

Would you fall for this?
Jeez! those Phishers are dumb


Take That ….. And Party!

May 19, 2006

We went to see Take That at the Arena on Thursday night. I can now reveal these interesting facts.

There were 4 of them.
They danced.
They (sort of) sang.
The ugly one was still ugly.
Beverly Knight was the support act.
They (predictably) made some fire happen right on the stage.
The ugly one declared them all to be “knobheads from Manchester”
Gary was less fat then he had previously been.

Mark bludgeoned his way through “Babe” a song that I’ve always quite liked. He accomplished this by attempting to add a Mariah-esque warble to every word.
Mark honey, it doesnt work when she does it, it certainly doesnt work for you.

This now makes my total number of “stadium concerts” attended a grand total of 2. You’ll no doubt remember my exciting review of the Blue concert I went to.
I didnt mention it?
Oh, ok then, its true, I was fortunate enough to go to one of their last gigs before splitting up. This was in Bangalore sometime in October 2004 if I recall correctly. Blue were ok I suppose, they sang and danced and stuff.
Standing in a muddy field for 2 hours wasnt that pleasant but we were right near the stage and it only cost £15.
The Take That tickets were £30 and we couldnt have been any further away from the stage even if we had stayed in the Pub across the road.

This was my first visit to the Arena and next time I want to be nearer the stage or I’m not going!

I also want a camera with a 10x zoom 🙂

A thought for Friday

May 12, 2006

Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Beautiful isnt it?