Tax me baby one more time

Had to renew the car tax so thought we’d give this new Interweb solution a go.

Really impressed, dead easy to use, it uses its massive memory banks to check if you have valid Insurance and an MOT and thats it.
Well, except for paying for it of course.
One big wedge on the debit card later and youre done.
Expect the tax disc in the post next week.

Also on the same site is a fun little vehicle checker thingy, I had loads of fun putting in reg numbers of old cars and bikes I’ve owned in the past.
Surprisingly, some of them are still running around with valid tax all these years later.
Give it a try its fun, also you can put in the reg numbers of all your neighbours cars and check they havent forgotten to renew their tax discs.
Obviously if you found they had forgotten and hadnt declared SORN you’d be honour bound to let the Police know. This is also something you can do online on the Polce web thingy.

WEB2.0 making it easy to shop your neighbours!

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