Amazing TV Dish Antenna Works Indoors!


Here in the first of a new series, I present this amazing piece of technology, brought to you by the fabulous “Innovations” catalogue people.
“Not Technical razzle-dazzle but a marketing breakthrough”
As you can see, its a truly stylish item that would look good in anyone’s home.

Amazing TV Dish Antenna Works Indoors!
Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Errm, or not.

Anyway, on to the real story.

TV Licensing sent me a letter today asking me to purchase a license for a portable TV I bought recently.

Their “records” show that I dont have a TV license. Well derrrr, surely they should check their “records” for the address not the person?

Of course we have a TV License. Although I’m totally against it in principle, its just another tax. The BBC get a shit load of cash and waste it on shit. So there!
They mostly make programmes whose formats are a direct rip off of innovative shows on other channels.
The only difference being the BBC version will inevitably turn out to be shit.
They also pay presenters an obscene shit load of cash.

Dear BBC,

I’m totally over Radio 2 drive time now that Johnnie Walker has been replaced by The Chris Evans.

And, ok, some of Jonathan Ross’ Saturday show is funny but for £18million a year or something? Is anyone worth that? For a days work each week!

Grrrrrr !!!! It makes my blood boil


Angry in Sheffield

Also, to make matters worse they expect ME to pay to update their rubbish records!
I can either send back the letter explaining that I have a license, the return envelope very clearly states in capitals – YOU NEED TO USE A STAMP.
Or, I can phone them on an 0870 number, which we all know is a national rate call, so again I pay.

Ok, its only going to cost me 30p or so, but its the principle, why should they be allowed to expect me to pay when they havent checked their records properly?
Haven’t they heard of the Internet, email or Web could be used much more conveniently and at a fraction of the cost.

Well, stuff them, I’ll ignore it, and hopefully they’ll check their records properly, before they waste more money sending a detector van down our road!

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