Obrigado pt.2

September 22, 2006

Portugal good.
Weather glorious.
People friendly.
Food tasty.
Wine copious.
That is all.

Well not really, it sums it up pretty well though, here is an extended review.
We stayed in Albufeira which is about 30mins from Faro Airport.

Our apartments were nice, most of the other guests were either British pensioners or Dutch package tour types, so it was nice and peaceful around the Pool area.
We booked a 1 bedroom apartment and were surprised to be allocated a luxurious 2 bedroom affair arranged over 2 floors! that’s right, we went upstairs to bed, just like at home.
Can you imagine the decisions we had to make? It was so taxing.
Downstairs bedroom for siesta.
Downstairs bathroom for bathing, showering, toothbrushing etc.
Upstairs bathroom for final touches when getting ready to go out, mirror check, doing hair, squirting smellies on self.
Downstairs balcony for eating and drinking.
Upstairs balcony for sunbathing in late afternoon when sun was off the pool area.
In fact the upstairs balcony wasn’t over-looked by anyone so we indulged in a bit of nudieness to cut down on the white ass tan lines.
I know! Get us!

It’s quite touristy on the main Strip and the number of times I was offered Drugs was a new record!
Having said that the number of touts and PR’s was quite low so we weren’t bothered too much.
The type of tourist probably makes a difference here, rather than groups of young lads you might get in Benidorm, Albufeira seems to attract groups of middle aged lads on golfing holidays.
We both felt that it was generally more expensive for food and drinks than a similar resort in Spain.
I’d go again but maybe in a couple of years, We haven’t been to Greece for a few years and I’d probably go back there first.

On the way back we made the oddest routed, bumpiest approach and landing at East Midlands.
Flying doesn’t usually bother me but I have to admit a moment of “worry” as the engines (seemed like they) stopped and we hung in mid-air for a moment :-O


September 18, 2006

Just got back from a week in Portgual.

Update later.

Promise .

The Best Days of Your Lives

September 10, 2006

Quiz thing provided by Ms.Mac

Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be.

1. Who was your best friend?

Chris Salt. We met on the first day of Secondary School when we sat next to each other in our first class. We became pretty much inseparable throughout the 5 years of School. In the 5th year we started to drift apart as our interest in girls (and boys) developed. In the 20 years since I left School, I’ve seen him maybe 3 times and spoke to him less than than that. I used to feel sad about this but now I just hope that, wherever he is, he is happy.

2.What sports did you play?

None through choice, just whatever the PE teachers forced us to do. Oddly enough, I remember being quite good at Discus, which is quite random.

3. What kind of car did you drive?

I didnt get my car licence until 2000 so doesn’t apply, I always had motorcycles until then so if I’d stayed on at School it would haven been my beloved Yammy DT50.

4. It’s Friday night, where were you at?:

Buying cans of Special Brew from Majeed Bros and sitting in a local park getting ratted. The guy in the shop had no qualms about selling us booze at 15. He did peel of the price stickers (with the name of the shop on) and put them in brown bags to stop it coming back on him.

5. Were you a party animal?:

Kind of, we did have some wild parties, most of the time though, we were “looking” for a party that “someone” had heard that “someone” was having “somewhere.” Then we’d give up and get some Special Brew (see above.)

6. Were you considered a flirt?:

More of a sex pest really.

7. Ever skip school?

Loads, I hated the Geography teacher so stopped going to his lessons for almost the whole 4th year.

8. Were you a nerd?

A bit. Not many people were into computers back then, so anyone that could do 10 print “Hello Andrew”; 20 goto 10 was a bit of a nerd.

10. Did you get suspended/expelled?

I got into trouble for skipping Geography lessons for a whole year.

11. Can you sing the fight song?

Yeah, which one? “Fight, Fight, Fight” or “All pile on…..”

12. Who was your favorite Teacher?

None really, I did have a crush on my English Teacher. I’ll not mention his name. I do still think of him from time to time, wonder what he is doing now. I think I was fascinated by him more than anything, he was a young man but to my young self seemed very experienced and worldly-wise. He had been a some kind of Monk for a time then a Police Constable before becoming a Teacher. Lol, I might not have given his name but that kind of narrows it down!

13. Favourite class?

Physics. (and English 😉

14. What was your school’s full name?:

Mexborough School. The school motto was “Abeunt Studia in Mores” which translates roughly as “studies develop into habit.” A quick Googling shows that my school was not the only one to use this phrase.

15. School mascot?

The closest we had was the Caretaker, Tommy Joyce, ex-boxer and local celeb, probably still running on a treadmill in Tesco each weekend to collect money for charity.

16. Did you go to dances?

Disco’s were few and far between at School, Spring/Valentines and Christmas. Boys down one side, girls on the other, coming together to grab the last dance with anyone to avoid being known for not being able to get off with anyone. One year me and Chris climbing under the stage and behind the giant Christmas tree to have a crafty fag and nearly burning the place down.

17. If you could go back and do it over, would you?

Yes, but the thought of going to school now is terrifying, kids have become little monsters haven’t they?

18. What do you remember most about graduation?

We dont do it in England until you get through Uni and I didnt.

19. Favorite memory of your Senior Year?

Leaving school. A fact I now regret, should have gone to 6th form.

20. Were you ever posted up on the senior wall?


21. Did you have a job your senior year?

Yes, I worked in a fishing tackle business, serving in the shop, working the machines that put stuff in display packs that sort of thing.

22. Where did you go most often for lunch?

After the Dinner money scandal of 1983, I had to go home for dinners for the next 2 years.

23. Have you gained weight since then?

Yes and lost it and then gained it again 🙂

24. What did you do after graduation?

Worked in afore mentioned Fishing business for a while then went to live in Blackpool for a couple of years.

25. When did you graduate?


26. Where are most of your classmates?

Still in Mexborough I think, Friends Reunited shows me that most have 3 kids, a failed marriage and a Council house.

27. Are you going to your ten year reunion?

We didnt have one. I wouldnt have gone if we did.

28. Who was your worst teacher?

My Geography teacher, Mr Banner. I dont mind naming him!

29. Who will repost this after you?

Again, as Ms.Mac said, probably nobody!