Obrigado pt.2

Portugal good.
Weather glorious.
People friendly.
Food tasty.
Wine copious.
That is all.

Well not really, it sums it up pretty well though, here is an extended review.
We stayed in Albufeira which is about 30mins from Faro Airport.

Our apartments were nice, most of the other guests were either British pensioners or Dutch package tour types, so it was nice and peaceful around the Pool area.
We booked a 1 bedroom apartment and were surprised to be allocated a luxurious 2 bedroom affair arranged over 2 floors! that’s right, we went upstairs to bed, just like at home.
Can you imagine the decisions we had to make? It was so taxing.
Downstairs bedroom for siesta.
Downstairs bathroom for bathing, showering, toothbrushing etc.
Upstairs bathroom for final touches when getting ready to go out, mirror check, doing hair, squirting smellies on self.
Downstairs balcony for eating and drinking.
Upstairs balcony for sunbathing in late afternoon when sun was off the pool area.
In fact the upstairs balcony wasn’t over-looked by anyone so we indulged in a bit of nudieness to cut down on the white ass tan lines.
I know! Get us!

It’s quite touristy on the main Strip and the number of times I was offered Drugs was a new record!
Having said that the number of touts and PR’s was quite low so we weren’t bothered too much.
The type of tourist probably makes a difference here, rather than groups of young lads you might get in Benidorm, Albufeira seems to attract groups of middle aged lads on golfing holidays.
We both felt that it was generally more expensive for food and drinks than a similar resort in Spain.
I’d go again but maybe in a couple of years, We haven’t been to Greece for a few years and I’d probably go back there first.

On the way back we made the oddest routed, bumpiest approach and landing at East Midlands.
Flying doesn’t usually bother me but I have to admit a moment of “worry” as the engines (seemed like they) stopped and we hung in mid-air for a moment :-O

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