Books wot I read on Holiday

A book report by Andrew Heath Age 35 and a bit.

I read a bunch of books on our recent holiday in Portugal, I think it was actually a record number for a one week holiday! On holidays, I usually get out of bed before Paul, so for an hour or two I sit on the balcony drinking coffee and reading while I wait for him to rise. This explains the amount of reading I get to do.
I only took 2 books with me and ran out pretty quickly so raided the Hotel bookshelf and that explains the random selection. Some were not the type of books I would have picked up normally but as it turned out, I enjoyed them all.
I really need to make more of an effort to try new things 😉

Blast From The Past – Ben Elton

Not bad, comedy novel, read it in 2 sittings, probably 4-5 hours total. Some laugh out loud moments, interesting idea and well executed, the whole thing happens during 1 night of action and flashback sequences.

Surfacing – Margaret Atwood

This is supposed to be some sort of acclaimed novel, set for English Lit. exams that sort of thing. Not my normal thing, picked it up because the cover blurb made me think of The Shipping News by Annie Proulx.
I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, the ending is weird though.

The Magic Cottage – James Herbert

Standard horror tale, Good vs. Evil with a twist. Still cant decide if I read this before or not, a common feeling for me when reading Herbert. Once again Herbert takes a long time building a compelling fiction and then rushes the ending. I’m always left feeling slightly cheated or unsatisfied by his books. I still read them though. Hmmm.

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka

Wow! I loved this and would (and have) recommend this to anyone. Its not really about Tractors but they do feature in this fantastic novel. I laughed out loud loads when on the balcony and had to suppress loads of giggles when by the pool. The characters are so real and easy to identify with, I had to slow myself towards the end of the book as I didn’t want to let them go! I definitely saved the best until last.

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