With This Ring…

Did I mention that we are getting civilly partnershipped this week?
That’s probably cos I’ve tried to blank out the episode/farce at the Registry office when
we went to give notice of our intent to “partner”
What a nightmare, if I ever hear…..

“ooh, these computers are a nuisance, it was much better when we did it on paper.”
” oooh no, look its crashed again, ok lets start again, what was your date of birth?”
“oooooh no, its done it again, lets get it down on paper……”
“Ok, that’s it down on paper, I’ll just try and put it into the computer again……. oh no although I’ve got it all down on paper I need you to stay here and sign that its ok when its gone into the computer.”
“No, it wasn’t like this before we had computers!”

In my imagination, I’m slapping the registry office man about the face with his keyboard, I’m still imagining this as I walk back to the car to move it and pay another parking meter, in fact this fantasy continues until I’m back inside and in his colleagues office eventually faced with a working computer. My rage subsides, but I’m scarred by the whole experience.

I am still looking forward to being a partner with Paul.

I love him.

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