Happy New Year #002

December 31, 2006

2nd bottle just opened, no mishaps this time!

Just settling down with “Fear of Fanny” on Beeb2, thanks to Sharon for alerting me to this New Year Fanny-fest.

Is there anything Mark Gattis can’t turn his hand to?

Happy New Year

December 31, 2006

Paul just opened a bottle of Champers, to kick off celebrations for New Year.

Unfortunately he didn’t hold the cork after taking the wire cage bit off the top.

And ……. Bang!

The cork hit the ceiling, the fizz fizzed onto the floor and Paul ducked for cover.

I just stood by watching and then pissed myself laughing! it was so funny. Except for the wasted Champers of course.

Hehehe, Happy New Year everyone.

Is that me?

December 31, 2006

A voice/accent meme suggested by Lesley at Peregrinations

Its been a while since Leslie suggested this and I meant to do it ages ago, I’ve been carrying the questions around for weeks waiting for a good time to record something. In the end I caught a few minutes alone in the car during a lunch break and here is the result.

Not sure how to embed it so you can play it more easily, if you right-click you should be able to choose Open, or just click it and see what happens 🙂

Well, here it is  —>  accentmeme.mp3

Listening back to Leslie’s original recording I see that my answer to q.2 is similar, sorry about that!

 Anyway for anyone that doesnt know me in person, I hope you find it interesting to hear my voice istead of just words on a page.

A Christmas Without Fanny.

December 28, 2006

How disappointing, that we haven’t had any Fanny this Christmas. A bit of Fanny always adds a cheery atmosphere at this time of year, don’t you think?

Last year we were tripping over Fanny, in fact we were quite literally awash with Fanny.

I’ve tried searching YouTube but amazingly, I couldnt find a single clip of Fanny.

Instead, you can click on this picture of Fanny to be directed to Fanny information on Wikipedia.


Well, what did you think I was going on about?? 

Strange that UKTV havent shown her “Cradock cooks for Christmas” series this year, I thought it was becoming something of an instuitution.

If anyone has a clip of her famous cry of “Stupid girl!” as she launched herself at her assistant I’d love to see it.

The true meaning

December 27, 2006

I was so moved by this post.

I just had a bit of a cry.

I told Paul how much I love him and how we have everything we need.

I cried some more when reminded that we’re very lucky too given Paul’s transplant.

Sometimes I need reminding whats important.

New Years resolution #1 Dont sweat about the small stuff.

Christmas Cracker #006

December 25, 2006

I like this one and it has a lunch theme, perfect for Christmas day.

Q. What do Hedgehogs have for lunch?

A.  Prickled onions.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

Christmas Cracker #005

December 24, 2006

and of course

 Q. Did you hear about the man thats invented a pill that is half glue and half aspirin?

 A. Its a cure for a splitting headache.