The Last Laugh, but at whose expense?

We had one of our infrequent Team Manager days out yesterday. Just as it sounds, its an excuse for the TM’s go out and “bond” and stuff. This usually involves some group activity followed by drinking lots of booze. In the past we’ve done odd, scary things like Line Dancing lessons and a game of Rounders in the local park. Our bosses are very tight lipped about the plans for the day, so there lots of speculation in the days prior to the event.

I had totally got the grumps on, because I hate not knowing what’s going to happen, I think I have some “control issues” I need to work out.

As it turned out it wasn’t too bad, (though in the Winter drizzle I’d question an outdoor event) Our task was a Treasure Hunt around Sheffield town centre. Included in the instruction pack were a £20 note, the Treasure Hunt Clues, a “Name the Pubs in the pictures game sheet” and an “80’s song quiz sheet” both quizzes be filled in whilst on the hunt. The £20 was used to pay for the tram into town for our group and the remainder used to pay for some of the items on the hunt. In fact one of the items on the hunt necessitated a trip inside a Pub, so most of the “kitty” was spent in there 🙂 After a couple of hours we met up in another Pub and went over the answers, resulting in my group coming in second place. My Paul was in the winning group but it was very close, I think they may have cheated a bit more than us on the music quiz!

We headed off to Cubana for the Christmas tapas menu. The food was ok, lots of olives and spicy-ness, I loved most of it, though the general consensus wasn’t so favourable. A few people ate only bread and a bit of tomato-ey rice. Oops! Even in my opinion, having enjoyed the food, it wasn’t worth the £20 a head. I also tried a bottle of Cusquenâ (Pronounced Cus-Ken-Ya) my first ever Peruvian beer, and very nice too at  5.1% alcohol 🙂

Next on the agenda was The Last Laugh Comedy Club, though on the way there we were forced to drop in to the Bankers Draft for a drink, hey it was very cold out! A bottle of Zywiec later and it was off to the club 🙂

Now, I’ve never been to one of these “comedy Clubs” before and was quite apprehensive (see – control issues) about it. It was ok I suppose, nothing to get excited about though, I laughed a couple of times but the material wasn’t so good. Here is my review.

Firstly we were introduced to Matt Reed, our compere for the evening. a young man with surprisingly old fashioned material, and asking us to believe his “true” story about Sean Connery (Dusty Springfield, up the arse, 1963) after its done the rounds on the Internet twice already 🙄
Paul Sinha was next and probably the most enjoyable of the evening, a Gay, Asian comic, got lots of laughs,  his stalker side coming out at the end was slightly uncomfortable and very funny at the same time.
Next up, Rob Rouse who you may remember from the first series of The Friday Night Project, that’s the ones with Jimmy Carr before they made it good and put Justin Lee-Collins and Alan Carr on instead. I always found Rob Rouse a bit scary on the TV, always looked like he had too much mascara on or something. Cant remember his jokes, I was too busy being incensed by a bouncer at the side of the stage.

This young (maybe 11 or 12 years old) bouncer lad, who laughed inanely at everything that was said on stage, pointed at me and made that shhhh-finger on lip motion at me! I was so angry at the little git, for gods sake the guy is on stage being heckled and asking people to shout things out and yet I get told off for leaning towards the person next to me and whispering “that’s funny” or something like that. I was so like grrrrrr.

Anyway, the main act, Silky, was introduced next, in real life he did look less sinister than the photo on the Ponds Forge website. He did some gags and played along to some “hilarious” lyrics he had devised. In fact trying to look back now, I cant remember any of his material, then again I’d had a few beers by then.

So that was our day out, nothing else to mention but a taxi ride home and a groggy head in the morning. Unless you want to get into the surprising blatant display of affection between two of my colleagues (what’s going on there?) or the pretty insulting and in-appropriate comments by one colleague talking about another member of staff.

Today the office is a-buzz with gossip about who said what and who did this etc. But, hey ho, nothing changes……

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