I’m a Celebrity … Coming Home

Ooooh, We missed the whole of “I’m A Celeb” this year due to our Oz soujorn.

We kept getting random IMACGMOOH texts from Sharon while we were in Sydney, Singapore etc. We didnt have a clue who was in the show, never mind what Sharon was going on about in her txts, It was funny though 🙂

However, in the interest of knowing at least something of the goings on in the jungle, we watched “I’m a Celebrity … Coming Home” on ITV2 last night.

What fun, David Gest must have been so funny, but Scott Henshall? WHO is he!

Anyway, the point of this post is that the building me and Paul work in has just been on tv. The King of the jungle, Matt Willis is in a car going to be interviewed in Sheffield (about eating anus) and he drives past our work!

OMG Now (where) I (work) is a celebrity!!

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