Very Secret Santa

Secret Santa came to visit me twice at work on Wednesday. Thats right, twice! What a lucky boy I am! Once on behalf of the other Managers and then later from my lovely team.

Now, I dont know about you but even when its a secret, I put effort into this buying gifts lark. What I give is what I would like to receive, something fun and frivolous, the sort of thing you look at in shops and think oh yes! but then think twice, “is it practical?”, “would I use it?” all that stuff. Basically, I want something that I wouldnt buy for myself, if that make sense? Of course it does, thats the definition of a gift isnt it?

so back to Secret Santa, from my lovely lovely lovely team, I received a Mood Beam named Silly. He is a fun little guy, he lights up and changes colour and strobes madly. (Dont worry he comes with a warning for epilepsy sufferers.) Best of all, he has the ability to react to “beats.” He is currently sitting on my desk flashing along as I type. The sound of keys clacking sets him off you see. Also, he is picking up music off the tv and thats got him in a right frenzy too 😉 I must video him and put a picture here, he is cool 😎

Oh yeah, and from one of my esteemed fellow Manager colleagues I received a £10 gift voucher. Wow, I dont mean to sound ungrateful, after all I am assured of having received my money back in the deal, but come on, where is the imagination?

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