A Christmas Without Fanny.

How disappointing, that we haven’t had any Fanny this Christmas. A bit of Fanny always adds a cheery atmosphere at this time of year, don’t you think?

Last year we were tripping over Fanny, in fact we were quite literally awash with Fanny.

I’ve tried searching YouTube but amazingly, I couldnt find a single clip of Fanny.

Instead, you can click on this picture of Fanny to be directed to Fanny information on Wikipedia.


Well, what did you think I was going on about?? 

Strange that UKTV havent shown her “Cradock cooks for Christmas” series this year, I thought it was becoming something of an instuitution.

If anyone has a clip of her famous cry of “Stupid girl!” as she launched herself at her assistant I’d love to see it.

One Response to A Christmas Without Fanny.

  1. Laquet says:

    Ah but was she not on last night … or was it a drama about Fanny? Too much for me I had to Antique Roadshow it instead.

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