Christmas Cracker #004

December 23, 2006

how about

Q. What did the beaver say to the tree?      

A. Nice gnawing you.

Very Secret Santa

December 22, 2006

Secret Santa came to visit me twice at work on Wednesday. Thats right, twice! What a lucky boy I am! Once on behalf of the other Managers and then later from my lovely team.

Now, I dont know about you but even when its a secret, I put effort into this buying gifts lark. What I give is what I would like to receive, something fun and frivolous, the sort of thing you look at in shops and think oh yes! but then think twice, “is it practical?”, “would I use it?” all that stuff. Basically, I want something that I wouldnt buy for myself, if that make sense? Of course it does, thats the definition of a gift isnt it?

so back to Secret Santa, from my lovely lovely lovely team, I received a Mood Beam named Silly. He is a fun little guy, he lights up and changes colour and strobes madly. (Dont worry he comes with a warning for epilepsy sufferers.) Best of all, he has the ability to react to “beats.” He is currently sitting on my desk flashing along as I type. The sound of keys clacking sets him off you see. Also, he is picking up music off the tv and thats got him in a right frenzy too 😉 I must video him and put a picture here, he is cool 😎

Oh yeah, and from one of my esteemed fellow Manager colleagues I received a £10 gift voucher. Wow, I dont mean to sound ungrateful, after all I am assured of having received my money back in the deal, but come on, where is the imagination?

Christmas Cracker #003

December 22, 2006
Q. Why did the turtle cross the road?  
A. Because the chicken was on holiday.

Christmas Cracker #002

December 21, 2006


Q. Have you heard the joke about the pencil?   

A. Then I’ll not bother telling you, there’s no point.   

I’m a Celebrity … Coming Home

December 21, 2006

Ooooh, We missed the whole of “I’m A Celeb” this year due to our Oz soujorn.

We kept getting random IMACGMOOH texts from Sharon while we were in Sydney, Singapore etc. We didnt have a clue who was in the show, never mind what Sharon was going on about in her txts, It was funny though 🙂

However, in the interest of knowing at least something of the goings on in the jungle, we watched “I’m a Celebrity … Coming Home” on ITV2 last night.

What fun, David Gest must have been so funny, but Scott Henshall? WHO is he!

Anyway, the point of this post is that the building me and Paul work in has just been on tv. The King of the jungle, Matt Willis is in a car going to be interviewed in Sheffield (about eating anus) and he drives past our work!

OMG Now (where) I (work) is a celebrity!!

Christmas Cracker #001

December 20, 2006

The following cracker jokes are brought to you courtesy of Denise, Sharon, Paul, Alie and Jane’s Christmas buffet lunch! 

I’ll be posting one each day so dont forget to call back soon. 

On with the gags….

Q. How do snails keep their shells shiny?

A. They use snail varnish.

Big Boys Don’t Cry.

December 20, 2006

BillyBeach Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

I can officially confirm that my brother Billy is coming on holiday with us in January.

I’m telling you this in a thinly veiled attempt to justify posting this picture. Here is my ‘lil bro Billy on the beach in (I think) around 1980, probably Cleethorpes but it maybe Bridlington.

I do hope that, on our upcoming trip to Torremolinos, we dont have any more tantrums and tears like these!

PS He may just kill me for putting this here!