The World’s a Stage

We watched “Mrs Henderson Presents” the other day. How good is that film? Not only very funny, in parts, very moving too.

Thelma Barlow stole the first half, funny how she dissapeared later on. Did Dame Judi have words????

I’m pretty sure that as Lady Conway, Thelma must have been playing an ancestor of Dinnerladies Dolly Belfield 🙂
When she confided “You obviously require a battle plan. My second husband, the General, always advocated attacking from the rear, which, although it did nothing to enhance our marriage, did bring him some success on the field.” Haha – the way she rolled her eyes at the mention of her marriage!

The closing scenes gave the heart strings a quick tug but then it all ended nicley enough.

One of the characters remarked on how people fall in love easily with those put on stage in front of them. True, though for me it was a barman in a Pub, which I think is almost like being on stage. You are the centre of attention after all, everyone wanting to catch your eye to get served etc. Once Paul had started selling me bottles of Pils for a £1 on any day, not just Thursday as in the happy hour offer, I was hooked!! Cheap booze = way to this mans heart 🙂

One Response to The World’s a Stage

  1. Michael says:

    That was a good movie, we watched it a few times. Although seeing Bob Hoskins naked was not the highlight of the movie.

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