November Spawned A Monster

Morrissey in talks for Eurovision

My first thoughts are that another of my teen icons comes crashing down.

As a young teen, I would disappear into my room for hours on end listening to The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow or Meat is Murder. My mum described it as “a dirge.” She used to say “what is he on about?, sufferring little children and heifer whines!”

Of course, as you get to The Queen Is Dead, some of the brighter moments are pure Eurovision. I’m thinking Frankly Mr Shankly, Cemetery Gates or Vicar In A Tutu.

Not to mention all his solo camp-ery over the years, (so I won’t.)

Maybe its not such a crazy idea after all 🙂

Thinking about this, I had a look around the net, and looking here I was amazed to remember that the whole Smiths thing all happened in less than 4 years. If I remember, they had all but split by the time that Strangeways was released. Then all the “Greatest Hits” started being released, you choose if you want to include earlier offerings like Louder Than Bombs and The World Won’t Listen, in that category, I’m not getting into that argument. So technically they have had the same number of albums released after splitting as when they were together. That’s quite an achievement for any band especially when all the band members are still alive!

Even now 20 years later, (OMG 20 years!,) if I put a Smiths song on, I can sing it word for word. How bizzarre is that, I can’t remember the names of of people I worked with 5 years ago but 20year old song lyrics, no problem. And, the memories that Girlfriend In A Coma evoke in me are amazing, especially as they are of a time when I had a girlfriend and a boyfriend. At the same time 👿

Ah, them were the days!

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