Books For Boys and New Toys

I’m currently reading flicking back and forth through The Dangerous Book For Boys, what fun! I can now recite some Latin, point to Ursa Major in the sky and tell you that Harold Bluetooth was King of Denmark in 1066.

I’ve also just found out what a pronoun is. I know! At my age 🙂

I’ve also just checked out Amazon and seen that there are half a dozen clones of this book already out there.

Isnt it funny how that happens? A couple of years ago it was The Da-Vinci Code and if you look at the Top 20 even now, you’ll find half the book plots are all hidden codes or religious cover-ups.

Hollywood do this too, someone makes a Pirate movie, a Vampire movie or a Voyage of Discovery and suddenly you’re awash with 1492’s, Cutthroat Island’s and Dracula’s. Dont even mention the Harry Potter books.

This is also paralleled in music, video games and more. Sometimes I wonder how anything original ever gets released. It’s like the whole world is copying the last big thing, waiting until someone decides whats the next big thing.

Back in the day you had to wait for someone to release DOOM to kickstart a new genre, in 2007 I’ve found an alternative. Google. According to the big G, you can find the “Next Best Thing” in just 3 clicks.

They are “a big big printer” , “nanotechnology” , “a natural way to control the corn earworm” and “Mika”

Mark my words, they’re gonna be big!

Sadly, no mention of the new Apple iPhone.

One Response to Books For Boys and New Toys

  1. Michael says:

    Well that sorta sucks because we’re not getting this in the states until May 2007 – I’ll completey have forgotten about it by then. Although we do have This which is available now! Maybe I’ll get that one instead.

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