Torremolinos Tale

Remember I mentioned the Spanish Pensioners? Odd little people really, have you ever seen them ? They forego the all-inclusive bracelets beloved of us Brits, preferring instead to occupy every chair in the room but not buy a drink. They tend to pull all the chairs to the front as the hour of the cabaret approaches.

I always look forward to Paul’s mum, Val, having a go! She never lets me down, she is always ready with a “Look at ’em all, they take up all the chairs and never buy a drink!!” πŸ™‚ She’s right too!

TorremolinosJan2k7 008
Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Quite an odd sight as all the tables are left alone around the room, remember, these people have no need of anything to put drinks on πŸ™‚ See how they sit in lines as close to the stage as possible, almost like a meeting in a village hall πŸ™‚

Its all taken worrying seriously, especially when you consider they are all so desperate to see the same old shows years after year. Captain Stefan on Accordion, a troupe of ropey Flamenco dancers, a slightly grubby looking Magician, the Parrot show and of course Siegfried and Roy. No sorry, I made up that last bit, its just ballroom dancing after the Bingo!

The other thing is how the old ladies all move in gangs around the hotel, crowding themselves into lifts and generally taking over the place. The knock all us “polite” brits out of the way, if we are queuing they just barge in. Best laugh though when an old lady tried to take over the toaster machine I had my bread in. How rude! Except she was putting it on the conveyor belt the wrong end, she kept shoving it back in, the conveyor delivered it back to her. I kept saying “wrong end” and pointing to the other side, she kept smiling, as if to say “I know what I’m doing, stop trying to hog the machine!” She only realised her error when my toast, having made its slow transit through the machine, emerged and started pushing hers out the way. hehe I had to chuckle as she picked up her bread and walked around me to the other end of the toaster.

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