Oh, what fun, we are off to the big smoke tomorrow for a convention. Sounds good, doesnt it?

Except, registration is at 9am and the convention at 10am. About 2500 Managers from around the company are going and the 40 or so from the different depts in Sheffield are all on a coach leaving at 5am.

Uhhhhgg, that means getting up at 4am, an hour usually only glimpsed before climbing aboard a flight to sunnier climes. Oh well, I should get some sleep on the coach. I’m pretty lucky like that, I can sleep pretty much anyware, I’ve been known to fall asleep in the car during the 10 drive home from work!

The venue is Olympia which I’ve not been to before so that will be interesting. There are some panoramic views on the website and it looks like a fab building.

The event is actually set to last only 3 hours and then its back on the road home again 🙂 and more sleep for me.

By my reckoning, thats 3 hours “work” and lots of sleeping, not bad for a days pay!

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