Convention pt2

What a journey!

We set off on time at 5am, the driver announced that to get to Olympia on time we wouldn’t be stopping along the way, what with the coach having toilets and tea and coffee facilities available.

Safe in this knowledge, I went straight to sleep.

Things started to go wrong when we approached Northampton Services and I’m woken by the driver announcing we will stop after all. As we were making such good time, we could afford a 1/2 hour coffee and loo stop. I’ve been here before and know that the traffic may be flowing freely so far but the closer to London the worse its gonna get. Add to this that its been snowing on the journey and its settling, that’s sure to start upsetting the flow pretty soon.

Sure enough, as soon as we set off we start to hit traffic and shortly afterward we’re crawling along. Cue lots of texts and calls to senior management informing them of the delays.

I’ll spare you the more boring details, we arrived around 10:30, an hour and a half later than planned and half an hour after the convention was due to start. Others had been delayed so the start had been put back accordingly.

I’ll also spare you the messages that we were exposed to during the convention. The end of the event was around 14:30 and after each grabbing the provided packed lunch, we were back on the bus quickly, with everyone keen to get home.

The traffic on the way back was probably worse than in the morning. More snow coupled with the darkness drawing in made conditions worse and we crawled past several crashes and cars stuck in the overtaking lane after sliding into the central barrier.

We eventually got back to Sheffield around 18:30, 13.5hours after setting off. The only thing that kept me sane was Sharon sitting behind us and keeping us laughing.
Sharon On The Bus Hopefully you can play this file, it opens in Quicktime for me.
Thanks Sharon 🙂 I know you’re gonna kill me for this but I could’nt resist.

3 Responses to Convention pt2

  1. The said "Sharon" says:

    What can I say…………….I can’t see the video/image listed……but I’m sure it’s very flattering….so yes Andy…….I’m gunna kill you ! Thanks for the mention…and hopefully some of the time you were laughing with me, and not always at me . As for REVENGE……yes, it’s obligatory in cases like this…..( As confucious would say “when you least expect it…..expect it”.) You Swine !!!! 🙂 X

  2. Wayne - Sharon's Husband says:

    Just to let everyone know – Once you have downloaded the file “Sharon on the Bus”, right click on it and open the file with “Windows Media”

  3. Karl says:

    Sharon, you seem totally fab to me… but I don’t think I could keep up.

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