Road Trip

On the motorway the other day we passed and were passed by lots of builders vans. Isnt it funny that all the passengers are always asleep? No matter the time of day or the number of passengers, they are all asleep, except the driver of course.

On the coach the other day we were laughing at the sleeping builders, as you would, some sleeping with heads back, some heads forward. Some with head against windows even some with tongues out.

The show-stopper though was the lad in the white works transit, I’ll not mention the name of the company on the vehicles side. Feet up on the dashboard, beefy arms crossed over his chest and wearing a pair of grubby Reebok trackies. Nothing too extra-ordinary so far, however, the bit that realy got us giggling was that he was very obviously having a “happy” dream πŸ˜‰

The driver of the van may as well have been pimping his mate! He keep overtaking, then we overtook and then he gained on us again, plenty of time for all of us to have a good look. Sharon spotted the toilet roll on the dashboard, “what’s that for!!” she tried to say, whilst laughing so hard I though she’d choke.

I wonder if the drivers of all those vans get to sleep when they drop off the others to go on site to build things??

I do hope so. I also wonder what they dream about πŸ™‚

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