Big Brother special edition

So, I notice there has been a bit of fuss about celebrity Big Brother. I missed most of the footage because it happened while we were in Spain last week. We were aware of the row of course, people in the hotel were buying UK papers and we had Sky News in the room. However, without the race row, this years CBB was set to be the most rubbish ever. Apart from going on holiday, we were already planning to stop watching on our return. I never actually believed it but Paul actually has been able to stop tuning in! Well done him 🙂

Anyway, I was thinking how to spice up and revive the whole BB franchise. And, take note Endemol, I’ve got it.

I present to you, >>>>>>> Big Brother Tramps.

Oh, yeah, thats right baby, Tramps!

After nationwide auditions of homeless alcoholics , we get 13 weeks of dirty Tramps constantly fighting and/or drinking cider. If they try to sleep they shock them with some high voltage stun gun things. Can you imagine? I know!

The shoppping list will consist of cigarettes, cider and pot noodle. If things get boring, BB either takes away half the booze and chaos ensues or BB throws more booze in and chaos ensues.

I promise you, its gonna be great 🙂

One Response to Big Brother special edition

  1. Sharon says:

    Will you be in it ?

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