January 25, 2007

Apart from being the name of a the King of Denmark @1066, I’m sure you know that Bluetooth is also a top mobile connectivity thingy-mi-bob.

At last weeks Abbey Christmas party*, I tried to send a picture to Trace and my phone came up with this list of Bluetooth names.

Phone < Not very original. Obviously.
the banker! < arent you!
Mini Minx
Your Mum < I love this one!
vickys phone
Sazzle < ? I first read this as spazzle
Spank my inner C < hild?
a c j
Nokia 6230 Rocks! < does it rock?
Pacha is sxc! 4eva < ??
Trace < found her πŸ™‚
Little Miss Devils..
Top Dolla
Nokia N80 < thats my Paul

Btw my bluetooth is simply "Andy"

What's yours? Leave a comment and let us know πŸ™‚

* We decided to try having it after Christmas for some reason

Convention pt2

January 24, 2007

What a journey!

We set off on time at 5am, the driver announced that to get to Olympia on time we wouldn’t be stopping along the way, what with the coach having toilets and tea and coffee facilities available.

Safe in this knowledge, I went straight to sleep.

Things started to go wrong when we approached Northampton Services and I’m woken by the driver announcing we will stop after all. As we were making such good time, we could afford a 1/2 hour coffee and loo stop. I’ve been here before and know that the traffic may be flowing freely so far but the closer to London the worse its gonna get. Add to this that its been snowing on the journey and its settling, that’s sure to start upsetting the flow pretty soon.

Sure enough, as soon as we set off we start to hit traffic and shortly afterward we’re crawling along. Cue lots of texts and calls to senior management informing them of the delays.

I’ll spare you the more boring details, we arrived around 10:30, an hour and a half later than planned and half an hour after the convention was due to start. Others had been delayed so the start had been put back accordingly.

I’ll also spare you the messages that we were exposed to during the convention. The end of the event was around 14:30 and after each grabbing the provided packed lunch, we were back on the bus quickly, with everyone keen to get home.

The traffic on the way back was probably worse than in the morning. More snow coupled with the darkness drawing in made conditions worse and we crawled past several crashes and cars stuck in the overtaking lane after sliding into the central barrier.

We eventually got back to Sheffield around 18:30, 13.5hours after setting off. The only thing that kept me sane was Sharon sitting behind us and keeping us laughing.
Sharon On The Bus Hopefully you can play this file, it opens in Quicktime for me.
Thanks Sharon πŸ™‚ I know you’re gonna kill me for this but I could’nt resist.


January 23, 2007

Oh, what fun, we are off to the big smoke tomorrow for a convention. Sounds good, doesnt it?

Except, registration is at 9am and the convention at 10am. About 2500 Managers from around the company are going and the 40 or so from the different depts in Sheffield are all on a coach leaving at 5am.

Uhhhhgg, that means getting up at 4am, an hour usually only glimpsed before climbing aboard a flight to sunnier climes. Oh well, I should get some sleep on the coach. I’m pretty lucky like that, I can sleep pretty much anyware, I’ve been known to fall asleep in the car during the 10 drive home from work!

The venue is Olympia which I’ve not been to before so that will be interesting. There are some panoramic views on the website and it looks like a fab building.

The event is actually set to last only 3 hours and then its back on the road home again πŸ™‚ and more sleep for me.

By my reckoning, thats 3 hours “work” and lots of sleeping, not bad for a days pay!

Torremolinos Tale

January 21, 2007

Remember I mentioned the Spanish Pensioners? Odd little people really, have you ever seen them ? They forego the all-inclusive bracelets beloved of us Brits, preferring instead to occupy every chair in the room but not buy a drink. They tend to pull all the chairs to the front as the hour of the cabaret approaches.

I always look forward to Paul’s mum, Val, having a go! She never lets me down, she is always ready with a “Look at ’em all, they take up all the chairs and never buy a drink!!” πŸ™‚ She’s right too!

TorremolinosJan2k7 008
Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Quite an odd sight as all the tables are left alone around the room, remember, these people have no need of anything to put drinks on πŸ™‚ See how they sit in lines as close to the stage as possible, almost like a meeting in a village hall πŸ™‚

Its all taken worrying seriously, especially when you consider they are all so desperate to see the same old shows years after year. Captain Stefan on Accordion, a troupe of ropey Flamenco dancers, a slightly grubby looking Magician, the Parrot show and of course Siegfried and Roy. No sorry, I made up that last bit, its just ballroom dancing after the Bingo!

The other thing is how the old ladies all move in gangs around the hotel, crowding themselves into lifts and generally taking over the place. The knock all us “polite” brits out of the way, if we are queuing they just barge in. Best laugh though when an old lady tried to take over the toaster machine I had my bread in. How rude! Except she was putting it on the conveyor belt the wrong end, she kept shoving it back in, the conveyor delivered it back to her. I kept saying “wrong end” and pointing to the other side, she kept smiling, as if to say “I know what I’m doing, stop trying to hog the machine!” She only realised her error when my toast, having made its slow transit through the machine, emerged and started pushing hers out the way. hehe I had to chuckle as she picked up her bread and walked around me to the other end of the toaster.

In The Pink

January 20, 2007

Allow me, if you will, to take you on a journey to the Flamingo Hotel, Torremolinos……..

Picture this, we are in the bar at the hotel, the 5 of us a little worse for wear, its the second day and we have definitely found our feet with the all-inclusive drink, if you see what I mean.

The “Bar Salon” itself is chock-a-block with Spanish pensioners. In fact that’s a whole other post on its own, keep an eye out for that one!

The upshot is that our gang are sat at the back in a little offshoot-annexe, immediately behind the bar.

I’ve already noticed the couple at the bar, a guy and (I presume) his wife, both appear to be mid 30’s. They’ve caught my eye twice already. Firstly, as I silently berated her for her choice of a large green flowing number to cover her “plus size” frame. Secondly, when I noticed them look in our direction and then put their heads together in conspiratorial fashion.

A few minutes later the guy approached our group and homed in on me.

He said, “Hey mate, wearing pink is not a good idea here, I’ve heard Torremolinos is the top Gay place in Spain.”

Cue tumbleweeds, I mean complete silence and few bemused looks. After what seemed like ages, my Brother finally broke the silence with “That’s good to know mate.” Not the reaction he expected, I’m guessing, and so, wearing a look of bewilderment he retreated back to the bar.

Ever the considerate and protective Brother, Billy said “If he comes an’ says aught else about puffs, I’ll deck ‘im!” Bless!

I felt a bit sorry for him after that, only for a minute though. He was probably just looking for some pals for him and wifey to hang out with. I suppose a table with 4 blokes and a girl looked like a safe place to start.

The guy was last seen back at the bar consulting with wifey. “What did I say?” he was probably asking. Wifey should have been able to spare him the pain, she was after all, a “lady with nice nails” and ought to have been able to spot a couple of Gayers from that distance. Perhaps he’d upset her earlier and this was her revenge!

A Wicked Pleasure

January 19, 2007

In an effort to stick closely to the original staging of the material, Kevin Spacey is producing an all-male cast production of Shakespeare at the Old Vic.

I want to say how much I was not surprised to hear this news.

I fear libel. This guy doesn’t

Just Checking In

January 15, 2007

Oh, the wonders of the net :smile: 


Here I am in Spain, checking the Bank account and stuff.

Anyway, back to the holiday

Bye xx