Grassed Up.

In a previous post, I briefly mentioned my annoyance at the Postman walking across my front garden.

Thing have moved on since then, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Kev and Jon, next-door neighbours and owners of the other bit of the grass being walked on, contacted the Post Office. Kevin politely enquired whom he should send the invoice for re-turfing the lawn. Explaining that he had taken legal advice (Jon works for Irwin Mitchell Solicitors) and he was aware that after repeatedly asking the Postman not to walk on the grass, the PO may now be liable to put right the damage.

Post office say that this is the first time its been raised officially, they’ll now stop it happening, so no liability or something.

Upshot is that Postie no longer walks across the garden, instead using the gate and walking around on the pavement. He does however leave both gates wide open in some sort of protest.

All is well until this Saturday. We have a different Postman on a Saturday, since the other one has a day off for some reason. Well, I’m stood in the kitchen and said Saturday Postman come tramping across the grass. “I’ll have a word” I thought.

“Morning” says Postie, handing me a letter.
“Morning” I reply, and add “I’d prefer if you would’nt walk on the grass, its damaging the lawn”
Postie “Thats why I’ve walked a wider path so it not all in the same area”
Me “I’d prefer you not to walk on it at all”
Postie “The other postie hasnt said anything to me, he walks on the grass”
Me “Actually, he has been asked to stop and now uses the gate”
Postie “Well, my advice would be to put up some sort of fence”
Me “?????…… Please dont walk on my grass”

I was gobsmacked really and just let it go, afterwards the more I thought about it the more angry it made me.

Its not as if he has no choice, there is a perfectly good path for him to use, it just takes another 20-30 seconds.

Was he really saying that asking him not to do it wasnt good enough, I needed to build a fence to physically prevent him from doing it?

I relayed this exchange to Kevin with some delight, talk about putting bullets in the gun! He was phoning his Post Office complaints lady today. Stand by for an update 🙂

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