You dont have to be mad to work here ….

….. you dont even have to work here!

I went shopping at lunchtime, needed a few bits from Wilkinsons, you know, boring household stuff. Nip in, nip out, not fun shopping, bleach and soap and stuff.

Anyway, once again I get asked by another shopper about products and prices! Why is that?

This lady beckons me up the aisle to her and grills me about the offer on a spray bottle of bathroom cleaner.

Lady “How much is it?”
Me “I dont work here!”
Lady “So its 75p for one?”
Me “[sigh] Yes, or 2 for £1.29”
Lady “Oh, 2 for 75p would be better”

Without another word she turns and walks away. How rude!

I clearly dont work there, I even said so. Maybe, I just have a helpful looking face. Or something.

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