Be Mine?

I can confirm that I was totally feeling loved this morning. We have this little ritual with Valentines cards where we leave them around the place for each other to find. I dont know who started it, probably Paul, but we’ve done it for years.

I waited until he was in the bath this morning and propped up his card and pressie at the side of the bed. When I came back upstairs with cups of tea, he’d found them. Then, surprise! I spotted a card for me had appeared too πŸ™‚

Paul got me a lovely card, and some tasty titbits (steady!) to enjoy, a sexy smoked fish selection, an authentic salami and for afters a new dark chocolate Kitkat. He knows the way to my heart is food!

For dinner tonight we had a real treat, pan-fried Gressingham Duck breasts with Broccolli, Salad Potatoes and a Cranberry gravy. I love Duck but cooking a whole one is sometimes more effort than its worh, I think its breasts all the way for me in future.

And, I dont say that lightly!!

In other news, our friend Sharon had a text from her hubby today. “I’ve bought you a new bag and belt, wait till you get home, I think you’ll like them” He was right, she did, the hoover is running 100% better now.

3 Responses to Be Mine?

  1. Karl says:

    I laughed sooo much. I have had too much fizzy wine though. πŸ™‚

  2. Sharon says:

    In response to the Valentines Gift Txt from My Husband. !

    Even if my Romance phobic hubby had bought me a Hoover Bag and Belt…………it would have been useless as I’ve got a Dyson ….which has neither.X

  3. Yes, a little sugar never fails to hit the spot :o)

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