I’ll Get You Mices

Last week Lesley told us about having Mice in the house and that got me thinking about when we had Mice at our house when I was younger.

Mum spotted one first, it ran across the living room carpet while she was alone watching TV. Of course, within seconds everyone else in the house knew about it! We had a fruitlesss search for it, moving furniture etc. Lots of questioning, “are you sure it was a mouse?” that sort of thing, eventually we gave up and went to bed.

The next day we discovered nibbled food boxes in the kitchen cupboards and accepted that Mum had really seen a mouse.

My Mum’s solution to having mice? She went on holiday with Dad and the twins!

Not really, actually we were all due to go on holiday to St.Ives* the next day. I’d being saying for weeks that I wanted to stay home, but had been told that wasnt an option. Mostly because I was only about 16, but throw a couple of mice in the mix and hey presto, Home Alone!

I caught them of course, over the space of a week I kept baiting the traps and each day bagged at least 1. Towards the end of the week the mice stopped coming and that was the last of them, if I recall it was a total of 5. There are Allotments about 100 metres across the way from Mums house and the Mice probably came from there.

Each day, Mum phoned me from St.Ives to ask if I’d caught anything and I reported on that days catch. I could tell that she wasnt quite believing me and knowing her I had to keep evidence, otherwise she might not come back home! I saved the bodies under a bell jar in the garden to show her when she got home.

Mum wasnt any happier seeing the little bodies lined up in the garden but, she could rest easy and come home, and I’d had a brilliant week of Home Alone Partying** out of it.

*A holiday in this country. I know. Me!

**Mum was hoovering the next day and found a burst condom under the sofa! She woulnt believe it was blown up and popped as a joke.

4 Responses to I’ll Get You Mices

  1. Michael says:

    We were sitting eating dinner the other night when the dog freaked out, I spun around and saw a huge dust bunny run under the dishwasher. After much screaming and gnashing of teeth I finally got off of the chair and said “Great, now we live in a dump.”

  2. Don’t think you’ll be wanting to opt out on any of your glam holidays this year to catch mice!

  3. Laquet says:

    It’s when you put your hands in the pockets of a winter coat for the first time since last winter and find a nest of them. I had to be peeled off the ceiling!

    Andy says : O M G ! You’d just die wouldnt you?

  4. Lesley says:

    Traps haven’t worked for us so far, but the poison seems to be thinning them out!

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