We aint here to party

We had a note through the door last Wednesday, warning us of a party on saturday night . It was from our neighbour, no not Kev and Jon, the other side, the girl that moved in while we were on holiday. Her note was very nice, inviting us to attend her gathering at any time during the evening.

On Friday morning we went to get in the car to go to work and OMG there is a shopping trolley in her garden. Ok, so she doesnt drive and stocking up on food and drink for a party is a lot to carry, but hey! anyone heard of a taxi??

The worst thing about it really is that it was Netto trolley. At the top of the hill you a choice, Netto or Somerfield, why did she choose to have a Netto trolley? If it was me I’d have shopped inNetto then gone across to Somerfield to steal a trolley for the walk home.

So, the party. We already had plans for Saturday so were not planning on “popping in” However, we did witness the early stages, dozens of youngsters wandering around with drinks in hand. Did I mention that they were all (whats the PC phrase?) black guys and gals? We had phoned a taxi at 20:15 and told it was coming in 10 minutes, 3 repeat calls later it finally arrived arond 21:30.

I had to laugh when I was standing at the door looking if the taxi was coming and I heard one guy telling a group to come indoors. “The party is inside guys, there are white folks in this street that will be scared if youre all hangin on the street.”
Made me laugh so much, not sure if he was taking the piss out of us “whites” or out of the whole race thing?

Whatever, I had a laugh, I was doing jokes about bling, gangsta raps, drive-bys and being lined in chalked.

The trolley is still there today, I’ll let you know if it ever finds its way home đŸ™‚

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