We went out on Saturday night, first time in weeks. It was pretty good, but I’ll not go into the details here it could be a good post for later! Cant waste good blog-fodder 🙂

A-ways, we went shopping on Saturday afternoon for a new shirt, not my idea and I didnt want anything, I had something to wear, it was Paul wanted a new shirt. We went to Crystal Peaks, not a lot of choice I know, but more and more I’m happy to buy cheap and wear once or twice, fashions change fast, so why spend £50 on a shirt to wear it 3 times? You just feel like its got to stay in the wardrobe cos it cost loads, at least I can chuck away cheap stuff with no remorse.

So, we looked all around and hehe I found 2 tops I liked, a shirt and a tank top thingy. Unfortunately Paul couldnt find anything he liked. Then just to make matters worse, I also see a pair of shoes I like, Oops I did it again!

Thats karma!

Then on Sunday I went to Asda to get flowers for Val’s birthday. Oops again, I spotted a nice coat, I’ve been looking for a while so its no surprise, and they have 20% off on coats, bargain.

He isnt happy but, together we are working through it.

And, I look fabulous! 🙂

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