I can see clearly now…..

The dust under the cover of my Nokia 3230 was getting so bad, I could hardly make anything out unless the backlight was on and I was in shade. If the sun was shining, no chance of seeing even the time, never mind looking at pictures or playing Gintris!

And yes, I do realise that most of the “dust” will actually be dead skin. Most of it Paul’s, since he had the phone for a year before me.

Its the first Nokia I’ve had where you cant just snap off the covers to give it a good cleaning. I got hold of a T6 screwdriver yesterday, not wanting to pay like upwards of £6 for one on the ‘net, I’d been hanging on. I finally spotted a T6 as part of a set in Poundland. Hurrah for Poundland, I love that shop.

I’ve now given it a good clean out and its like new, It’s actually made me like the phone again, I keeping having to get it out and admire it! How sad 🙂

Other fabulous items currently on sale in Poundland are a “mini tv remote on a keyring”, “mini camera tripod”, “USB memory stick” that uses your spare SD/MMC/RS-SD card as memory. All of which I have bought. All of which have also been put on ebay by other enterprising folks hoping to cash in on those of you that dont live near a Poundland!

One Response to I can see clearly now…..

  1. Laquet says:

    Ah Poundland … and while we’re at it Wilkinson’s. Such a good use for a quid!

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