X-Factor Live & Celeb Spotting

X-Factor Live Ticket Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

We went to see The X-factor Live last night and I can exclusively reveal that it didn’t suck 🙂

There were about 10 acts in total, not sure I can remember them all, but here goes and in no particular order.

Eton Road, Nikitta, Robert, Ashley, The MacDonald Brothers, Ben, Ray, and of course Leona.

Oh, yeah, that young lad that cried all the time, well he managed to get through his whole song last night. He got a great response to this but secretly I wished he’d have blubbed a little bit 😉 Isnt that his act? Everyones going, aawww hasnt he got great voice? Well actually no, I find him nasal and annoying.

THe MacDonalds were good. They stood out as they were much more upbeat, even getting everyone on their feet for “I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles” The other acts were mostly doing ballads and slow stuff, showing off their voices is ok on the show but we’ve seen that, give us some POP! Ray did the whole “Swing” thing, prompting comparisons to Robbie William, if youre comparing how cocky he is, then I agree.

You may have guessed from the title of this post that there is a “you’ll never believe this!” moment coming up. Well here it is.

I can also exclusivley reveal that also in attendance and mingling with the riff-raff was TV’s Brian Dowling.

I saw him like 4 times, he may have been stalking me a little bit. The last time he saw me, he was next to me in the queue for drinks at the interval. I dint take a photo, sorry, lots of others did but it thought it a bit rude how many people were pointing camera-phones at him, without asking at all. I think I’d hate that. SOme people did ask to have a photo with him, he was very nice about it and agreed every time, What a nice young man.

So thats it, the story of my 3rd “gig” I’ll give it 8 apples, something for everyone but a bit heavy on the ballads.

One Response to X-Factor Live & Celeb Spotting

  1. Laquet says:

    Kilts? On the MacDonalds that is?

    Andy says

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that!

    They both wore loverrly kilts, you should have seen their sporrens shake as they danced around 🙂

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