Recycling TV shows is one thing, but……

We got the Sky magazine through the door yesterday.

Do you get this delivered? Its a bit rubbish, no proper goss but some nice pics, depends who has a new film or series starting on Sky.

Before having a flick through, I have to get rid of the leaflets, arent they annoying? Especially how they put some in the bag with the magazine and you think you’ve disposed of them. Then you get to the middle and there are more hidden inside!

Anyway, I noticed this printed on the bag.


This wrapper is totally recyclable.
To recycle, return the wrapper to:
RR Flexo Ltd. (Mailing Film Suppliers)
Unit 6-12 Concorde Road, Norwich NR6 6BW

I beg your pardon?

You want me to send a 2’sqaure of poly-bag through the post to be recycled?

Now, I’m not a big fan of the whole “how big is your carbon footprint” brigade, but even I cant get behind this one.

Surely, this would involve the following extra resources being wasted.

An envelope, though perhaps you could recycle one that came with a gas bill.

A postage stamp and its manufacture.

A van to empty the postbox and deliver it for sorting.

Lights and heating and stuff at the sorting office.

A big lorry to take it to the sorting office in the other city.

Lights and heating and stuff at the 2nd sorting office.

A van to take the sacks of post or the postman to the recycling place.

Probably loads of other stuff that I’m not green enough to even think about.

How about they just send it in a paper envelope to begin with? I can then put it in my blue bin, the Council take it for recycling along with all our other paper and card. Sorted!

That reminds me, you know those supermarket carrier bags that promise to be bio-degradable? They are made from some super special plastic made from vegetables. I opened a seldom used cupboard at work last week meaning to clear it out. Inside was a Co-op carrier bag with some old party decorations inside, I picked it up and POOF! The whole thing just disintegrated in my hands. The floor was covered in bits of flakey white dust.

It really works!

But, it does make a mess, however after rubbing it into the carpet with my shoe for a bit, it had dissipated enough to leave it for the cleaners with feeling too guilty 😉

One Response to Recycling TV shows is one thing, but……

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Well, you know you’re supposed to save your plastic bits and wait until you’ve got loads before you send them back. Maybe you can knock on the doors of your neighbours and ask them to save theirs so you can all take turns at posting them. just think about that- you could be on Richard and Judy, they love community efforts like that!

    Also, your last paragraph makes me laugh out loud over and over. Reminds me of my Grandad rubbing his fag ash into the carpet before my Gran saw him and worded him in for dropping his ash everywhere!

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