Fave Foto Friday # 6

March 30, 2007

TorremolinosMar2k7 158 Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Putting all your eggs in one basket ?

I like to think this is a carefully thought out advertising ploy by the shopkeeper, there is surely some symbolism* at work here.

We have bulging pants, pictures of naked chested manliness and next to all this a basket of eggs, eggs being a symbol for the female.

I’m sure its to make you think that if you buy and wear these pants you may get some sex!

Would it work on you?

* I study things in too much depth, dont I?

A Few of My (Favourite) Things

March 23, 2007

Some things I’ve noticed this week.

The Proclaimers were on the radio yesterday promoting the Comic Relief release of “500 Miles.” They claim that this year marks 20 years since the original release. They are obviously mistaken about their dates. This would mean that the many , many times I sang (shouted), danced (stomped) and laughed (drank) to this song in the Towpath, were all done very much under under age as I woul have been only 16 years old. Did we really do that sort of thing? Well, of course we did buthat doesntmake it ok for kids to do it now!

Ms.Mac told us that she had bought a pasta maker. I think she means the shiny, clamp to a table, turn the rollers type thing. Now, I’ve had one 3 years and its still in the box! I too had high hopes when I bought it but somehow it didnt work out so good…. and being reminded of that doesnt make me feel any better about the breadmaker I bought yesterday.

The lease for the Allotment arrived this morning, just in time to be signed and sent back before we go away.

So thats me this week and now I’m getting ready to fly to Lanzarote. We have (just) finished packing and now enjoying a cheeky vodka before going to bed for a couple of hours.

Back in a couple of weeks, but if you cant wait, I’ve scheduled the next 2 Fave Friday Foto posts and who knows? I may check in from an ever present Internet terminal while we are away.

Happy Holidays!

Fave Foto Friday # 5

March 23, 2007

Will be here soon…………………

Yeah, ok, I forgot 😉

……… Ta-Dah!

Taj West End Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Me and Paul with Angie and Linda enjoying Sunday brunch at the Taj West End Bangalore.

Not quite as good as the one at the Leela Palace, but being in good company can make up for a lot 🙂

Your comments ARE important to us and ……..

March 22, 2007

Can I just ask a question?

Thanks, I was going to ask anyway, whatever you said.

Its this, “Comment spam, WHY???”

If you have a blog you probably get tons* of the stuff. I just dont get the point, I mean where do the spam-mongers think it will get them? Did you ever see a piece of spam on a blog and think, “ooooh, asian babe whores / cheap generic viagra / best place to buy Chevy trucks** , I must click it”

No, of course you ignore it, its just a big pain in the bum.

Now, like most people I have a spam filter installed, in this case its a plugin for WordPress called Akismet. In total it has blocked 708, and just today it blocked 113 spam comments, which is a lot for one day, they must be busy in the spam factories 🙂

Luckily Akismet looks after itself and if you take no action, after a few days it deletes the stuff for you. The only thing is, and I guess its just human nature, I find I have to look through the spam anyway, just in case its caught something I want to keep.

The “almost” foolproof solution would be to turn on the “must register to comment” option, but that would just be a pain in the bum for anyone genuinely wanting to comment.

I suppose its like a lot of things in life, some people, usually those hoping to gain or profit from others, will always spoil things for the majority.

Damn them all!

*tonnes, for you metric-philes
** I know, its crazy but I really do get this!

***Sorry for the poor quality of this blog material, I’m having a trouble finding anything to rant about this week 😉

Dare I say it? Another holiday coming up!

March 20, 2007

After my rubbish day on Sunday, I found the antidote on Monday.

No Boudica, not fried food!

We booked a holiday, which is probably the next best thing 🙂

Its quite a relief really, we’ve left it much later than we normally do, we fly on Sunday so its pretty last minute.

What happened was, we decided to have a go at that last minute bargain thing that all the experts bang the drum for. We had already decided that we were not set on going to any particular place so whatever came up we would go. Over the last few weeks we have almost booked about a dozen holidays. Each time Paul found something, we’d stop to check the reviews, but go back in a 1/2 hour and it would be gone, so frustrating.

Also a few weeks ago, a couple of friends from work said they would like to go with us. Obviously that changes things a little bit, you cant just say yes and book it, you have to consider the other couple. Min, if you’re reading this, please dont take this the wrong way, it’ll be great to go away together, and you did say just book anything that looks good, it was me really, just worrying if you would like what we were booking for you. That’s my problem really, I want people to have a nice time. Especially if it’s somewhere I’ve been before and they have’nt, I feel like I’m expecting them to like what I did and acting like the organiser/tour guide, which is not role I enjoy.

So anyway, its all booked, 2 weeks in Lanzarote, staying in Costa Teguise. Neither of us have been there before so that’s nice, we can discover it together 🙂

Now, we just need to book those flights to Thailand for November and we’re all sorted……..

One of those days.

March 19, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

I had one yesterday, in review, it was like this.

Went to garage to fill up with fuel. While checking tyre pressures at the free air thingy, a sleety snow storm starts and freezes me to the bone.

Went to visit Mother and took big bunch of Flowers, box of Thorntons and a Mothers Day card. After 1/2 an hour with Mum, I had to get out, she drives me crazy sometimes. Long story, but recently things are getting worse, now she has discovered the Church and I’m afraid its going to be all down hill from here.

Went to visit Sister and Nephews, highlight of day, little Joe is a smasher and growing up so fast.

Sister gave me a large compost bin that she didnt need and I decided to put it in back of car to take it home. Took roof down and sat the bin on the back seats. Put roof back up without checking clearances properly. One crunch later and I’ve damaged the roof or the tonneau cover or something, whatever it is, you have to “help” the roof going up and down.

Paul worked all day on overtime, bit of extra cash towards holidays, probably will cost more to fix the car than he earned 😦

Wish I hadnt got out of bed!

Fave Foto Friday # 4

March 16, 2007

OZSyd2k6 152 Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Paul enjoying a fishermans basket on the Corso at Manly.

I know, I know, make your own joke!

Time to re-decorate?

March 15, 2007

I updated WordPress, thats the software that runs this blog, to the latest version last night.

Mostly its good and supposed to be more secure, though I’m too happy with some of it.

For example, the links down the right hand side cant be easily sorted or display the description how I liked before.

Apparently this is a “feature” not an omission.

Guess I’ll learn to live with it. Or I’ll find another layout that does what I want it too.

If things look a bit screw-ey when you visit next, dont worry, its probably just me in the back room measuring up for new curtains!

For a good time, call xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

March 14, 2007

Yet another TV show has been implicated running dodgy phone-in competititons. This time, Blue Peter no less, the BBC’s flagship Childrens show.

Yeah, yeah, add it to the list.

I dont understand, why people are so obsessed with phone-ins?

I can just about understand the competition lines, you have a chance of winning a holiday, a car or some cash. Or so they would have you believe, chances of winning are probably worse than those of winning the Lottery.

I didnt mention it at the time, but can you believe that they did a mini X-factor competition during the X-factor Live! They got 3 clearly pre-chosen girls up, and got them to sing a few lines. Then they asked everyone to text their favourite to 822228 or whatever. This was for a chance to win a mobile phone. They flashed up a lucky name at the end but come on, it could have been any made up name. I couldnt believe they interupted the show for 20 mins to stage this piece of crap!

The phone-ins that really irk me are the ones where we are asked to decide what will happen. Excuse me, but when I settle down to watch a show, I dont expect to have to direct the thing! I want to be entertained, and hopefully without having to think too hard!

For instance, take that Dancing on Ice thing that Paul watches. The Judges cast their votes and then they ask the public to vote. So whatever the professional judges think, the public turn it into a popularity contest. Surely the judges know more about than we do? Surely if its left to them to choose, then the shows get progressivley better and we get better entertainment. Oh, but wait, then ITV dont make as much money. So instead, we the public, get to choose to have someone in until the end, even if they are not the best skater?

The rant of course indicates that I care on some level, though I’ll happily avoid these shows if I can.

I’m waiting for the interactive buttons appearing on Coronation Street. Imagine pressing red to see Emily get pissed on Vodka. Press blue or green to choose between Norris or Jason running down the cobbles in the nud. Now that would be interaction!!

What? It *could* happen!

Westlife Widower.

March 13, 2007

Yes folks, its that time of year again. Westlife are in town and I’m home alone 🙂

Paul goes to see them every year, usually with Kevin and lately with Jennifer and Valerie.

So I’ve had my Dinner, opened a bottle of wine and am currently watching the final ever episode of Stargate SG1.

Dont feel too sorry for me 😉