Holiday news

I’ll not bore you with the teeny details of the whole holiday. Most days we were mainly in the hotel enjoying the all-inclusive goodness 🙂

Monday was the exception because we met up with some friends. Pam and John are from Sheffield and they now live in Spain, running a beach-front cafe/restaurant in Benalmadena. In the Morning we walked down to see them at work and we all had a drink and some lunch. very nice it was too, all cooked fresh by the Chef, unlike others on the same stretch. It’s called Sharville’s, if you are ever in the area I’d recommend you give it a try 🙂

In the Evening, they came up to Torremolinos and we went out for a drink. Knowing John is a total karaoke fiend I suggested a bar across the road. It was empty, except for the staff, but advertised Karaoke, and there being 12 of us we practically filled the place ourselves!

I havent sung for ages, but after a bit of encouragement from John and Paul, I got up, then there was no stopping me! Since we had the place to ourselves Me, Trev, John and Lorrainne were able to sing as often as we liked!

Here is my “set”

Mustang Sally – Pauls favourite, he loves me doing this one.

I’m On My Way – With John – first time for both of us, went down well.

Handbags and Gladrags – first time for me, people seemed to like it!

TorremolinosMar2k7 125 Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Red Light Spells Danger – Another first time for me, I sang it because its one of Pauls top fave songs and people enjoyed it!

Sweet Caroline – with Trev, an old fave.

Achy Breaky Heart – Aargghh, I know! first time for me, in fact I was tricked by John to get up and sing something else, I think My Way, then they played this, it wasnt that bad actually!

The end.

Of course, I didnt do them all at once like that, the others had a go in between.

I must have been feeling very brave doing all those songs for the first time, I havent even done them at home on my own. Must have helped that the audience was mostly friends and family.

So Monday was a really good day, Pam and John seemed to enjoy it. Now they live there I dont think they get out much! Its not like a holiday is it, when you have to actually get up and go to work 😦

Overall, we had a lovely break, the weather was great, like 23-24 degrees some days and we had good company. Makes all the difference, doesnt it?

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