For a good time, call xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yet another TV show has been implicated running dodgy phone-in competititons. This time, Blue Peter no less, the BBC’s flagship Childrens show.

Yeah, yeah, add it to the list.

I dont understand, why people are so obsessed with phone-ins?

I can just about understand the competition lines, you have a chance of winning a holiday, a car or some cash. Or so they would have you believe, chances of winning are probably worse than those of winning the Lottery.

I didnt mention it at the time, but can you believe that they did a mini X-factor competition during the X-factor Live! They got 3 clearly pre-chosen girls up, and got them to sing a few lines. Then they asked everyone to text their favourite to 822228 or whatever. This was for a chance to win a mobile phone. They flashed up a lucky name at the end but come on, it could have been any made up name. I couldnt believe they interupted the show for 20 mins to stage this piece of crap!

The phone-ins that really irk me are the ones where we are asked to decide what will happen. Excuse me, but when I settle down to watch a show, I dont expect to have to direct the thing! I want to be entertained, and hopefully without having to think too hard!

For instance, take that Dancing on Ice thing that Paul watches. The Judges cast their votes and then they ask the public to vote. So whatever the professional judges think, the public turn it into a popularity contest. Surely the judges know more about than we do? Surely if its left to them to choose, then the shows get progressivley better and we get better entertainment. Oh, but wait, then ITV dont make as much money. So instead, we the public, get to choose to have someone in until the end, even if they are not the best skater?

The rant of course indicates that I care on some level, though I’ll happily avoid these shows if I can.

I’m waiting for the interactive buttons appearing on Coronation Street. Imagine pressing red to see Emily get pissed on Vodka. Press blue or green to choose between Norris or Jason running down the cobbles in the nud. Now that would be interaction!!

What? It *could* happen!

One Response to For a good time, call xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Please, God, let it happen! I would SO bankrupt us if you could ring in to get Tracey convicted of murder.

    And just as an aside, how hot is that new bloke who runs the factory with his big brother? I used to fancy Steve McDonald (sad but true) but Corrie have upped the ante now!

    Andy says – Oh yes, Liam isnt it? I noticed him too!

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