One of those days.

Ever have one of those days?

I had one yesterday, in review, it was like this.

Went to garage to fill up with fuel. While checking tyre pressures at the free air thingy, a sleety snow storm starts and freezes me to the bone.

Went to visit Mother and took big bunch of Flowers, box of Thorntons and a Mothers Day card. After 1/2 an hour with Mum, I had to get out, she drives me crazy sometimes. Long story, but recently things are getting worse, now she has discovered the Church and I’m afraid its going to be all down hill from here.

Went to visit Sister and Nephews, highlight of day, little Joe is a smasher and growing up so fast.

Sister gave me a large compost bin that she didnt need and I decided to put it in back of car to take it home. Took roof down and sat the bin on the back seats. Put roof back up without checking clearances properly. One crunch later and I’ve damaged the roof or the tonneau cover or something, whatever it is, you have to “help” the roof going up and down.

Paul worked all day on overtime, bit of extra cash towards holidays, probably will cost more to fix the car than he earned 😦

Wish I hadnt got out of bed!

3 Responses to One of those days.

  1. Boudica says:

    😦 Sounds like it’s time for a ridiculously huge, deep-fried takeaway

  2. […] No Boudica, not fried food! […]

  3. Just had a right good servicing

    Oo-eerr missus!
    Of course, I’m talking about the car
    It was a couple of months overdue for the service because I wanted a better deal than that offered by the main dealers here in Sheffield. Talk about daylight robbery, £350 for a service, th…

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