Dare I say it? Another holiday coming up!

After my rubbish day on Sunday, I found the antidote on Monday.

No Boudica, not fried food!

We booked a holiday, which is probably the next best thing πŸ™‚

Its quite a relief really, we’ve left it much later than we normally do, we fly on Sunday so its pretty last minute.

What happened was, we decided to have a go at that last minute bargain thing that all the experts bang the drum for. We had already decided that we were not set on going to any particular place so whatever came up we would go. Over the last few weeks we have almost booked about a dozen holidays. Each time Paul found something, we’d stop to check the reviews, but go back in a 1/2 hour and it would be gone, so frustrating.

Also a few weeks ago, a couple of friends from work said they would like to go with us. Obviously that changes things a little bit, you cant just say yes and book it, you have to consider the other couple. Min, if you’re reading this, please dont take this the wrong way, it’ll be great to go away together, and you did say just book anything that looks good, it was me really, just worrying if you would like what we were booking for you. That’s my problem really, I want people to have a nice time. Especially if it’s somewhere I’ve been before and they have’nt, I feel like I’m expecting them to like what I did and acting like the organiser/tour guide, which is not role I enjoy.

So anyway, its all booked, 2 weeks in Lanzarote, staying in Costa Teguise. Neither of us have been there before so that’s nice, we can discover it together πŸ™‚

Now, we just need to book those flights to Thailand for November and we’re all sorted……..

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