Your comments ARE important to us and ……..

Can I just ask a question?

Thanks, I was going to ask anyway, whatever you said.

Its this, “Comment spam, WHY???”

If you have a blog you probably get tons* of the stuff. I just dont get the point, I mean where do the spam-mongers think it will get them? Did you ever see a piece of spam on a blog and think, “ooooh, asian babe whores / cheap generic viagra / best place to buy Chevy trucks** , I must click it”

No, of course you ignore it, its just a big pain in the bum.

Now, like most people I have a spam filter installed, in this case its a plugin for WordPress called Akismet. In total it has blocked 708, and just today it blocked 113 spam comments, which is a lot for one day, they must be busy in the spam factories 🙂

Luckily Akismet looks after itself and if you take no action, after a few days it deletes the stuff for you. The only thing is, and I guess its just human nature, I find I have to look through the spam anyway, just in case its caught something I want to keep.

The “almost” foolproof solution would be to turn on the “must register to comment” option, but that would just be a pain in the bum for anyone genuinely wanting to comment.

I suppose its like a lot of things in life, some people, usually those hoping to gain or profit from others, will always spoil things for the majority.

Damn them all!

*tonnes, for you metric-philes
** I know, its crazy but I really do get this!

***Sorry for the poor quality of this blog material, I’m having a trouble finding anything to rant about this week 😉

One Response to Your comments ARE important to us and ……..

  1. Laquet says:

    Bloody damn spammers ~ hang them all! Ooops … a little carried away sorry, thinking calm thoughts.

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