A Few of My (Favourite) Things

Some things I’ve noticed this week.

The Proclaimers were on the radio yesterday promoting the Comic Relief release of “500 Miles.” They claim that this year marks 20 years since the original release. They are obviously mistaken about their dates. This would mean that the many , many times I sang (shouted), danced (stomped) and laughed (drank) to this song in the Towpath, were all done very much under under age as I woul have been only 16 years old. Did we really do that sort of thing? Well, of course we did buthat doesntmake it ok for kids to do it now!

Ms.Mac told us that she had bought a pasta maker. I think she means the shiny, clamp to a table, turn the rollers type thing. Now, I’ve had one 3 years and its still in the box! I too had high hopes when I bought it but somehow it didnt work out so good…. and being reminded of that doesnt make me feel any better about the breadmaker I bought yesterday.

The lease for the Allotment arrived this morning, just in time to be signed and sent back before we go away.

So thats me this week and now I’m getting ready to fly to Lanzarote. We have (just) finished packing and now enjoying a cheeky vodka before going to bed for a couple of hours.

Back in a couple of weeks, but if you cant wait, I’ve scheduled the next 2 Fave Friday Foto posts and who knows? I may check in from an ever present Internet terminal while we are away.

Happy Holidays!

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