Time to re-decorate?

March 15, 2007

I updated WordPress, thats the software that runs this blog, to the latest version last night.

Mostly its good and supposed to be more secure, though I’m too happy with some of it.

For example, the links down the right hand side cant be easily sorted or display the description how I liked before.

Apparently this is a “feature” not an omission.

Guess I’ll learn to live with it. Or I’ll find another layout that does what I want it too.

If things look a bit screw-ey when you visit next, dont worry, its probably just me in the back room measuring up for new curtains!

For a good time, call xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

March 14, 2007

Yet another TV show has been implicated running dodgy phone-in competititons. This time, Blue Peter no less, the BBC’s flagship Childrens show.

Yeah, yeah, add it to the list.

I dont understand, why people are so obsessed with phone-ins?

I can just about understand the competition lines, you have a chance of winning a holiday, a car or some cash. Or so they would have you believe, chances of winning are probably worse than those of winning the Lottery.

I didnt mention it at the time, but can you believe that they did a mini X-factor competition during the X-factor Live! They got 3 clearly pre-chosen girls up, and got them to sing a few lines. Then they asked everyone to text their favourite to 822228 or whatever. This was for a chance to win a mobile phone. They flashed up a lucky name at the end but come on, it could have been any made up name. I couldnt believe they interupted the show for 20 mins to stage this piece of crap!

The phone-ins that really irk me are the ones where we are asked to decide what will happen. Excuse me, but when I settle down to watch a show, I dont expect to have to direct the thing! I want to be entertained, and hopefully without having to think too hard!

For instance, take that Dancing on Ice thing that Paul watches. The Judges cast their votes and then they ask the public to vote. So whatever the professional judges think, the public turn it into a popularity contest. Surely the judges know more about than we do? Surely if its left to them to choose, then the shows get progressivley better and we get better entertainment. Oh, but wait, then ITV dont make as much money. So instead, we the public, get to choose to have someone in until the end, even if they are not the best skater?

The rant of course indicates that I care on some level, though I’ll happily avoid these shows if I can.

I’m waiting for the interactive buttons appearing on Coronation Street. Imagine pressing red to see Emily get pissed on Vodka. Press blue or green to choose between Norris or Jason running down the cobbles in the nud. Now that would be interaction!!

What? It *could* happen!

Westlife Widower.

March 13, 2007

Yes folks, its that time of year again. Westlife are in town and I’m home alone 🙂

Paul goes to see them every year, usually with Kevin and lately with Jennifer and Valerie.

So I’ve had my Dinner, opened a bottle of wine and am currently watching the final ever episode of Stargate SG1.

Dont feel too sorry for me 😉

Jump! and other random-ness

March 13, 2007

Oh dear!

I just stumbled across this while looking for some local news.

In Summary

Hecklers urge on car park jumper

Police have condemned hecklers who urged a man to “get on with it” as he threatened to jump off the top of a multi-storey car park.
A crowd gathered as the 21-year-old was perched on the eight-storey building in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, while officers tried to calm him down.

But some onlookers started shouting at the man, urging him to jump.

Trained negotiators later arrived at the scene near the town centre and persuaded the man to come down. He was later reunited with his family and given counselling.

Police said about 50 people had gathered at the scene in John Street on 22 February and about half a dozen started telling the man to jump.

Pc Mark Dyson, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “It was incredibly frustrating to see this happening when we were just trying to help the guy. “It might have been a bit easier to understand if it was teenagers messing about but these were adults shouting things like ‘jump’ and ‘get on with it.” “When you’ve also got people shouting things like this out of vans driving past it’s terrible really.” “What would these people have thought if it was one of their relatives up there?”

Oh the shame! You see, Mexborough is the town I grew up in. Thankfully, my formative years were not too damaged by contact with these idiots!

Actually, this reminds me that aged about 15, I was able to borrow a Derek & Clive LP from the Public Library. Its absolute filth of course and I shouldnt have been allowed near it until at least, um, 16.

If I recall correctly there is a song on the LP that goes something like this…

“As I was walking down the street one day, I saw a man at a window…” Then he sings “JUMP, you F****er, Jump”

Perhaps all those onlookers had also been members of the Library audio section?

If they were, then they were lucky! I recall how hard it was to get in! I kid you not, it was a right rigmarole.

Let me take you back……

This is the dawn of time as far as Doncaster Library Service is concerned. They are still using paper for everything. I’ve probably got more computing power in my bedroom at 15 than the whole of Doncaster council has. For those of you under 30, I’ll explain.

Every item in the Library has a 3cm x 8cm piece of card on which all its details are typed, and I mean typed, not printed. This piece of card sits in a little pouch in the front of the book or attached to the record sleeve. When you borrow an item, they take the item card out and stamp on the pouch the date you should return the item. They take one of your library cards (which is also a sort of pouch thing), and put the item card into it, then they file it awaiting return.

So anyway, getting tickets for borrowing books is easy, childs play, in fact they do give them to children. Imagine that!

Getting tickets to borrow “Cassettes”, is similarly easy.

Now LP’s, obviously this is before CD’s, Lp’s are a different matter all together. They make it a condition of getting “Record” tickets, that you have to bring your stylus into the Library! Thats right you have to dismantle your “Music Centre” and take it to the library. Some Parents didnt allow this and so, I swear, at my school there was a bigger boy that would rent you a stylus, in exchange for one of those lovely new pound coins we had just been introduced to.

When you go to apply, the Head Librarian must be there too, for he is the only one worthy of checking your stylus. He actually puts it under a microscope to check that it has a diamond tip. He would then offer his advice and verdict, “could do with a clean, but it’ll do.”

Dont know why they bothered really, the state of some of the records was appalling, jumping and hissing and scratchey, and this is years before hip-hop got big.

Mentioning the Head Librarian, brought other memories flooding back, so excuse me while I reminisce. His name was, I think, Mr MacDonald or MacSomething, anyway he had a beard. His wife was one of my Teachers at school and we used to have a weekly trip down there to take our books back and choose new ones. That’s if you had a library card, some Parents werent as bothered as mine and those kids had to stay behind and make do with the school Library.

After returning old and choosing new books, we all sat down in story corner (this is baby school!) and one of the the Librarians would read us a story. Head Librarian and Teacher would disappear, a nice little set up for them really, an hour off together.

At the time we used to whisper that they had gone for a snog *cue giggles*

Now I realise they probably just went to do a bit of shopping!

Why cant we keep the fun, giggley childs view of the world?

Cash me up, I’m leaving.

March 12, 2007

There was lot in the News last week about various pie-in-the-sky ideas from the Government, supposedly to deal with illegal immigrants and such. Of course, if you overstay your Visa and receive a text message telling you so, you’ll be rushing to leave the country, wont you?

Well here is my solution…..

Abolish cash!

How about that for a radical statement? I Know!

Imagine if all physical money is replaced by an electronic currency, surely its difficult for an illegal subculture to continue to exist. Whether youre aiming at drug dealing, bank robbers or illegal workers/immigrants its a magic bullet. Or am I being very naive?

Money would only be “paid” to you by authorised (and tightly controlled) sources and you could only “spend” using your debit card. For those denied a traditional current account, access to “basic” accounts is already in place. For verified asylum seekers etc then a goverment back debit card could be provided.

Simple, Yes?

Castaway exposed.

March 11, 2007

I just have to post again, sorry for all these tonight 🙂

Laughed so much when watching Castaway Exposed just now.

Richard Bacon asks Danny Wallace why he is now wearing a t-shirt.

Danny Wallace says “I spilt coke down my shirt”

I so wanted Bacon to say “Oh, I’ve been there mate!” or something.

He didnt.

But we laughed 🙂

Another photo-booth post

March 11, 2007

AndyApr90a.jpg Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Well this is turning into a saga now!

I’ve added it to that celebrity Look-alikes post I did a while ago —> http://andy.2boyz.co.uk/?p=114

While I was clearing out some stuff in the loft, I found an old Blackpool Transport Residents Privilege Card.

This is me around April 1990, so I would have been 19 years old.

There are a few other little treasures too but I’m having a careful think before I share them with you all! My 1989 Diary, for example, is a little trove of not important yet at the time self important mutterings.

I’ll get back to you 😉