SMS Meme

Meme from Lord Boyzici

Post the last ten text messages you received, in full, exactly as they are written. context is for the weak!

Well here goes, oldest first….

10 Blank – and I mean completely blank and from a number I dont recognise.

9 HOLA thanks for card cu next week ps TREV done heating x

8 I’m sorry Andrew x

7 yyyy 60945135o! etc etc – some kind of spam message

6 Me nan in chesterfield hospital dont like this warm up group see you later x

5 Was gonna see if you wanted to come round for a drink but just remebered that last stargate is on!!

4 Hope you having a nice day wi ya ma did you post me orderif not dont worry love you x

3 Can i use your pc in morning to sort some music out for min. Just realised she doesnt like mine. Sure you will have some she will like.

2 are you home yet

1 Hi from Orange. Your remaining credit is £3.24

Isnt it funny and a bit sad, that even without punctuation we still understand SMS messages?

2 Responses to SMS Meme

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Damn! I just went and deleted all mine! I had some good ones in there too.

  2. Michael says:

    I just saw a commerical last night for a cellphone company where the conversation between the mother and daughter is all in LOL, IDK, etc and it was actually very funn!

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