Just had a right good servicing

Oo-eerr missus!

Of course, I’m talking about the car 😉

It was a couple of months overdue for the service because I wanted a better deal than that offered by the main dealers here in Sheffield. Talk about daylight robbery, £350 for a service, thats one price of owning a Saab I suppose. Actually, we had a letter from Saab the other day advising of a recall due to some fuel pump retaining lug problem. I dont mind the main dealer doing this though since its free!

So, I found a nice independent Saab garage, recommended by people on the Sheffield forums and took it there. a much more reasonable £170, thank you. I asked him to have a look at the roof too, remember how I “broke” it a couple of weeks ago?

When I went to pick it up, although he had found the fault on the roof, he hadnt had time to fix it after doing the service. I’m taking it back on Thursday and the good news is that its a pin in the linkage that has sheared. Sort of like a mechanical fuse from how he explained it, and it shouldnt cost much more than an hours labour to repair.

Hurrah! We really need a fully functioning roof now that the weather is turning nicer.

And once its fixed I promise I wont try to use the car as a van again.


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