Blow me!

I’ve been so busy with the garden that I’ve neglected things here on the blog, that and the fact that nothing interesting is happening in my life.

As an act of desperation, I thought I would write about my annoyance with random mundane items, in this example its about washroom Hand-dryers.

What is it with Hand-dryers? They never work properly and yes, it is annoying.

The old style, push-a-button ones are usually ok, though in my experience they all too often have broken heating elements. Thus you get a gale force blast of cold air that doesnt actually dry your hands.

Oh, and that flap that you can flick to direct air at your face is super sensitive and keeps flicking up for no reason.

The most annoying ones are those equipped with a sensor to start them. The sensor is always in the wrong place! You have to shove your hands right to the back. Then when they do turn on, its blowing on your wrists! So you move your hands into the airstream and it switches off, its like a frustrating game off cat and mouse until you give in and dry your hands on your jeans.

There’s a third type that also annoy. These are a hole in the wall unit that combine soap dispenser, water spray and blow dryer. You put your hands in and it squirts soap on your hands. Next it sprays water on them befor switching on the blower. touble is the spray doesnt last long enough to fully rinse away the soap and the dryer doesnt stay on long enough to fully dry. Grrrrrr. You cant even re-start the cycle with getting squirted with soap again.

So there you go, its official, I can be annoyed by the most unlikely of items.

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