SMS Meme

April 11, 2007

Meme from Lord Boyzici

Post the last ten text messages you received, in full, exactly as they are written. context is for the weak!

Well here goes, oldest first….

10 Blank – and I mean completely blank and from a number I dont recognise.

9 HOLA thanks for card cu next week ps TREV done heating x

8 I’m sorry Andrew x

7 yyyy 60945135o! etc etc – some kind of spam message

6 Me nan in chesterfield hospital dont like this warm up group see you later x

5 Was gonna see if you wanted to come round for a drink but just remebered that last stargate is on!!

4 Hope you having a nice day wi ya ma did you post me orderif not dont worry love you x

3 Can i use your pc in morning to sort some music out for min. Just realised she doesnt like mine. Sure you will have some she will like.

2 are you home yet

1 Hi from Orange. Your remaining credit is £3.24

Isnt it funny and a bit sad, that even without punctuation we still understand SMS messages?

Airline food to die for….

April 10, 2007

Thinking about our flight home got me playing around on Youtube etc. and I was thrilled to find this little gem on Google Videos, its a Hale and Pace sketch which probably means its about 20 years old.

I’ll not spoil it for you, but if you know me at all, you’ll know that the airline food would certainly get my thumbs up.

The safety demonstration has me in stitches, I bet its just what they actually wish they could say to us passengers!

They even manage to get a rubber chicken involved, which if I recall, was a running gag for them, didnt really get that myself.


Rested, relaxed and back to work, Hrmph!

April 9, 2007

We got back from Lanzarote yesterday afternoon, feeling all relaxed, the only downside is that we are both working today*.

This morning, waking up at 06:20 was a bit of a wrench, though not as much as it was for Paul. When we are away, my body clock wakes me at roughly the same time as home. So I get up and mooch around, go for breakfast, usually sitting at the breakfast table with a book and several cuppa’s**. Then at a decent time for Paul, around 10:00, I go back to the room with a Croissant and a large chocolat au lait or similar. He loves his bed that boy does.

Anyway, we stayed in Costa Teguise at the Ficus Apartmentos on an All-Inclusive basis***. No grumbles about the hotel at all, food**** was varied and there was always something to eat. The Weather was varied, some cloudy days but overall it was mostly sunny, and believe me on those cloudy days you really feel how hot it is, when the Sun emerges it feels like someone has turned up the gas!

The entertainment was ok, the “animation” team were from the UK so there was none of those incomprehensible games that pass for entertainment in Hotels in mainland Spain 🙂 Sadly, I was unable to win one of the prized “Superstar” T-Shirts, despite learning the oath I needed to make at the winners ceremony each evening. Since I learnt it I’m going to say anyway, now repeat after me…..

“I do solemnly swear, I will wear, my Superstar T-shirt around the pool, and in doing so I will look kewl!”
“The entertainment at the Ficus rawks!, and on the way home I will tick the excellent box!!”

When we arrived we were all like, lets go and see this and that, do trips and stuff. Then, as the first week went on, this enthusiasm waned a little and we were content to just lie around relaxing. At the start of the second week we tried to hire a car, yes that right “we tried” unsuccesfully, to hire a small car for a couple of days. I’ve never known anything like it, all the car hire offices (and there were loads) were staffed by people employed only for the purpose of explaining “we have no cars today, come tomorrow.” What kind of car hire industry is that? One without cars, or the ability to book ahead, because they dont know if they will have any cars tomorrow or the next day. After 3 days we gave up.

Lets see, what else? Oh yeah, the flight home had the most kids on it that I’ve ever seen. An Easter thing I suppose. I ended up sitting next to 2 under-10’s, whose Parents and 3 year old sister were seated in front. The elder kids were no trouble, the little one kept coming around and trying to squeeze through to her sster in the window-seat. she was a cutie though so I put up with her gracefully, even when she appeared with a crayon and paper and asked me to draw something for her! Paul was fuming at this point as he pointed out that I was babysitting the kids and the Parents were having a whale of a time. When I had a look and confirmed that they had already downed a whole bottle of Champagne, I stopped playing. Really, the nerve, I bet they couldnt believe their luck!

We were back home by about 19:00, so plenty of time to catch up on Corrie, Betty Suarez and those Housewives that we all love so much. Interestingly, it was more about the husbands of Wisteria Lane, which was a nice change.

To round off our holiday mood, we ordered in, Chinese food, and stuffed our faces, yum yum!

I’ve got some nice photos, I’ll post some to Flickr soon and link them from here.


* Only thinking of the Bank Holiday overtime is keeping me going!

** I’m back on the Coffee btw, but I’m drinking de-caf now.

*** I sound like one of those travel-TV-holiday-shop presenters off SKY

**** Though I am grumbling about the 8lbs of excess belly I checked in for the return flight.

Fave Foto Friday # 7

April 6, 2007

Garden2k6 016 Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.


I liike this one because it reminds me that Summer is is only round the corner 🙂