Using my loaf!

When Ms.Mac told us recently about her purchase of a Pasta maker, It made me think about 2 things.

Firstly, that I too had bought one of those luvverrly shiny, clamp to a table and turn the rollers type Pasta machines, about 3 years ago and guess what? Yes, thats right I havent even used it once! I too had high hopes when I bought it but somehow it didnt work out so good….

Secondly, knowing that the day before, I had bought a Bread making machine, I was getting worried, was I really any more likely to use my latest Kitchen gadget?

Well, the days went by without using it and it stayed in the box. I felt a slight twinge of something (regret?) upon reading Ms.Mac’s wonderful post showing her and the kids using the Pasta thingy.

Then we went off on holiday to Lanzarote and I could forget about it and relax.

Now that is where this tale could easily have ended had I not had a flash of inspiration on Sunday.

Paul was at work and I was working at home, building the Decking. We had no bread in and I would want some for the next day for a sandwich to take to work.

Eureka, I thought.

Actually I didnt, I thought, get the bread maker out!

So I did. It was nice and easy to set up, I poured in the correct amount of water and a packet of Wrights Malty Bread Mix* and pressed start. How easy was that?

I was able to go back to work out in the garden, knowing that it would look after itself. That’s Multi-tasking, Baby!

I stopped the machine after the final kneading to take the dough paddles out, you dont have to but the results are neater.

After the 3 hours was up we had a beautiful loaf and a fantastic aroma in the whole house!

And here it is!

Bread 001

Bet you wish you had “Smell-o-vision” 😉

Bread 002

I will deffo be using it again after this and not just for bread mix packets, I can just buy flour and yeast and do my own recipes.

Its gonna be great!

* We had the packet in the cupboard already and we were getting close to the July sell-by date 🙂

2 Responses to Using my loaf!

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Corrrr Andy! That bread looks brilliant. Two reasons I have not yet purchased myself a bread maker- 1: I am a breadaholic and if I had a bread maker I’d end up the size of a barn in no time and 2: I suspect it’s cheaper to buy the wonderful assortment of Swiss bread in the supermarkets than it is to buy the ingredients.

    But I’d bloody love a bread maker, I would.

  2. Lesley says:

    I waaaant one of these. But what if I didn’t use it? And what about the woman at the boulangerie, would she ever speak to me again?

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