KFC are just great big bullies*

KFC licked by pub in menu fight

Now this sort of thing really annoys me, big business bullying the little guy over the wording on a menu!

KFC asked the Tan Hill Inn to drop “family feast” from their menu as they “own” trademark on the phrase.

Quite how anyone can own 2 common words is beyond me.

I can understand KFC being upset if “Generic Southern Fried Chicken” in the high Street used the phrase, but come on. This is a family pub on the top of an isolated Moor. Its not even conceiveable that finding yourself in this Pub and reading the menu, you would think for one minute that you were in an establishment in any way connected with KFC.

After backing down, KFC said “It’s an unusual situation that has been blown out of all proportion.”

Actually that should be “We realised that we are big bullies that are being stupidly aggresive”

/rant over.

*Please dont sue me too KFC.

One Response to KFC are just great big bullies*

  1. Lesley says:

    Hear, hear. Give me a little family run restaurant any day. Have decided to never set foot in the new KFC here in Bordeaux.

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