First Radishes

Here are the first few Radish harvested from tubs in the garden.

Radish 005

We had them in a salad on Saturday and they were delicious. We even added some of the hot peppery Radish leaves to the salad, along the other leaves from the garden.

I’m itching to get inside one of those Potato buckets now!

2 Responses to First Radishes

  1. Laquet says:

    Very cool, I love radish. Our school allotment is just being planted – potatoes went in the other week and the eco-warrior club is about to do some class planting of chosen fruit and veg. The produce is going to be used in the school kitchens.

  2. Karl says:

    VERY impressive. I think I’ll just go and demand that my head gardener plants some of these! Yes it is great watching things pop up. We’re excited about squashes and courgettes breaking through the compost at the moment.

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