Almost topical

The Cutty Sark burned down last and in an almost topical post I have news of another broken Clipper…..

I was clipping my toe nails (eeeeuuwwww) the other day and was most dissappointed when this happened….


Thats right, the clippers totally, like, broke* and everything!

I was so shocked, I totally expect better quality items out of my Christmas crackers!

*Luckily we had some spares from the other 5 crackers in the box that all had the same gift in them!

2 Responses to Almost topical

  1. Ms Mac says:

    Did you have to pull a cracker to clip your toenails? Hey…. that would probably work on Ewan- he hates getting his toenails clipped. I could probably get him in the shower the same way!

  2. […] *beware, I got these last year and look what happened. […]

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