Heroes Finale.

Ms.Mac recently asked me

“What did you think of the season finale of Heroes?”

Ive mentioned elsewhere how much I’m loving this show. I just watched the finale and what can I say?


How about that? Yes, that pretty much sums it up.

Thats not my writing by the way, in fact, I found this on my desk the day after Sharon had watched episodes 21 & 22.

I think it sums up the whole thing brilliantly.

Speaking of Sharon, I’ve been doing my best straight faced fibbing, kidding her on that ep 22 was the finale and she had no more to look forward to. Sorry Sharon, buts it been so much fun, that confused look as you try to decide if I’m kidding is great. What a shame someone else told you the truth! I bring the finale in to work on Tuesday.

The little trailer for series 2 was a nice teaser and just thinking now about when Molly said there is someone out thats worse thans Syler! OMG OMG OMG Cant wait!

And now I’m feeling a bit sad, what will I find to watch next? Suggestions please…..

2 Responses to Heroes Finale.

  1. Ms Mac says:

    I was a little disappointed with the season finale. Probably because of Nathan Petrelli coming in to save the day. And if you ask me, they could have done without the Nikki/Jessica storyline but apart from that, Heroes was some pretty good tv!

    I’ve no idea what to recommend to you now. Have you watched any Sopranos?

  2. Shar says:

    Can’t believe I’ve logged onto this …….and what do I see ! Can’t go to boat as Sam is poorly …so logged on to surf the net …cheer myself up by reading some funnies……but oh no …..no funnies…only tretchery !

    Can’t believe you’ve lied to me all week you **@##er . you stood there with that innocent little face and lied…..

    Well…..I’ll never believe another word uttered from those fibbing lips of yours………..

    Having said all that …..don’t forget to bring 23 to work will ya ! X X X 🙂

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