Touch me, touch me, I want to feel……

I was just thinking of this previous post about annoying hand dryers and I realised that there is another annoying thing about public washrooms.

You know how the doors are always, push them to get in and pull them to get out?

Well, its all the wrong way around!

How many times have you been in a public toilet and seen others “forget” to wash their hands when they’re done doing their business?

I know! Its gross, but it happens. Well, I may only be speaking of the Men here, I dont know what goes in in the Ladies room.

Actually, that also reminds me that at School some of the girls made up a story about their toilets. Supposedly they were all like plush carpeting and furniture, heated seats, piped music, soft lighting and even softer toilet paper. Stupid boys that we were, we all believed it for at least a week and kept threatening to repeat the fabled “School strike*” of circa 1983.

Anyway, back to the thing. So youre standing at the sink, washing your hands. Someone walks away from the urinal, past the sinks, stops to look in the mirror, then exits without washing their hands. Even worse, someone does the same thing after exiting a cubical. I mean come on, that is just too much!

To make matters worse, people even do this at work! Thats right, that means you actually know that person! And next time they offer to bring you a drink from the cooler what goes through your mind? Exactly.

So, the main problem is that I now have nice cleans hands but have to open the door by pulling on the handle that has been touched by all these people with their unwashed hands. Yuck. So, do I slip my arm up into my sleeve and use that to grip the door handle? Or maybe I keep hold of the paper towel I dried my hands on and use that to hold the door handle?

Its quite a dilemma.

So, back to the doors. You see, I dont understand why they cant hang them the other way. So you go into the “rest-room” by pulling on the door handle. No problem there. On the way out you can push the door open, even use your foot to nudge it open if you wish. Hurrah!, no need to touch anything with your nice clean hands.

Its not just my OCD kicking in is it? Come on! You must have though something similar at least once?

Oh well, just another example of a simple everyday thing that annoys me 🙂

*It lasted 1/2hour or so, and was also about toilet facilities, this time the objection was the Izal tracing paper toilet roll. The teachers pretty much ignored it and nothing came of it.

2 Responses to Touch me, touch me, I want to feel……

  1. Ms Mac says:

    It’s just as vile in the ladies, believe me!

    I keep a little anti-bacterial spray in my handbag and even after I’ve opened the door with either my sleeve (and I make a great show of it too, to make a point to others) or by using spare paper towel which then gets thrown in the bin asap, I spray my hands as soon as I’m out of the public convenience.

    Blechhhhh!!!! If you’re not OCD already, public loos will tip you over the edge. Some people are animals!

  2. Karl says:

    You are not alone. I do often try to work out which bit of the door handle will have been touched least. K.

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